How to earn gold in the game Legendary Campaign

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One thing in common between today’s online games is that players need to have money. It could be cash, but it could also be virtual money (in-game money). This money will be used to weapon upgrades, Leveling up the character as well as for other items, thereby increasing the power, the rate of passing the challenge is also higher.

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Legendary Campaign mobile shooter is also not out of that rule. When participating in this game, we have 2 main types of money: Gold and Diamond. Gold is used more and more expensive, so in this article, will guide you how to get the most gold?

1. Sign in often

This is a pretty good way to attract players to participate in the game regularly, by logging in regularly, continuously into the Legendary Campaign on consecutive days, they will receive valuable rewards (including including Gold).

Bonus gold when players log in often

2. Bonus accumulated reputation

As one of the variations of the above, if players want to receive Gold, after logging into the game, they need to access a confirmation (in the game “Legendary Campaign”). In this way, we have “self-reported” to the game about our participation during this time.

Report name to receive the reward is gold

Report regularly to receive Gold

You don’t need to do anything, play games, or accomplish or accomplish any goals. The only action is to log in and register for the specified number of days in the game to receive accumulated rewards. The more you accumulate, the higher the reward.

Monthly cumulative bonus

Bonus credit accumulation is available in 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 12 and 20 days

3. Selling or selling unused items to get gold

Every time you join the campaign or receive a bonus from the game, you will receive a reward, including Gold and some other items. If not used, you completely “liquidate” them away to get a fair amount of money, more useful and practical.

From the main interface of the game, select Warehouse material / then choose what you want to sell.

Selling off unused military equipment to get gold

4. Do the task to receive Gold

The mission is an indispensable part in any game, especially with a top-notch shooter like Campaign Legends, even less. The mission system in this game is divided into two:

  • The main task.
  • Side quest (daily quest).

Doing the main quest can get gold

With the completion or achievement of the goal set by the mission, you will receive a certain amount of Gold, the harder the task, the higher the reward.

Daily quests also have gold bars

Photos when completing assigned tasks.

Complete mission

5. Receive Gold reward from the system

Like other games, in addition to the daily game participation bonus, the Legendary Campaign also rewards you with other useful gifts in the mail box, however, this is also a gift that many new players often do not enjoy. unfortunate and often miss pity.

So if you see an announcement in the mail box or any “suspicious” text appears on the screen (depending on the game), remember to pay attention and check the mail to avoid “hugging hatred” gamer!

Receive gold rewards from the system

Rewards from the game system also bring in not a small amount of Gold

6. Buy Gold

Of course, this is the kind of transaction that any online game has and this is also the main “source of life” for these games. If the player runs out of Gold and needs a supplement, if he cannot use the above methods, he can go directly Buy Gold with Diamonds, with a limited number of purchases, this way will quickly replenish your “finances” at any time.

Buy gold with diamonds

Click on the icon of the current amount of Gold to buy Gold

7. Join Challenges to receive Gold

Challenge is a feature in the Legendary Campaign game that the player can only get if he reaches a certain level. In this feature, players will have to try to destroy as many enemies as possible to score the highest score possible. This score will be saved by the system and compared with other players for a record ranking.

When you pass the first 3 milestones of the Challenge, you are allowed to participate in “Bonus screen“, this is a bonus that will help you earn a fair amount of gold.

Join "Bonus screen"

The way to play in “Bonus Screen” is to shoot down all the beer that is turned on.

CDHT shoot - Emergenceingame

For each stele shot down, the player will receive the corresponding amount of gold.

Usually normal

If you shoot down all of them (not missing any), the player will receive more Perfect bonus.

Perfect bonus

Pass the first 3 Challenges stages with a record high score, plus the bonus of the above bonus, your pocket is already quite full.

Record bonus

8. Reward Gold with a gift code

CDHT ma thuong - Emergenceingame

Gift codes (Giftcode) is a reward also quite a lot of online games currently applied to reward customers on the occasion of the event, new participation or certain anniversary (depending on the place). These bonus codes are usually sent to the player’s email, use this code and enter the game or homepage to receive extremely valuable rewards.

Receive usually from gift codes

9. Participating in Coordination, the Legion can receive Gold

As well as the curtain Challenges, Campaigns, participate Combination or when enough level to enter Soldiers The player also has a chance to receive gold.

Join the campaign

10. Invite your friends to play the Legendary Campaign

For the purpose of expanding and attracting the maximum number of players as well as increasing the popularity of home games, game providers often use this feature.

In Campaign Legend, you visit Friends / Invite you to get gifts and then see the rewards for each landmark. However, to be able to use this feature, you need to reach level 20 or more.

You are invited to join the Legendary Campaign

11. The rookie mission

If you are a new player, you should not be too confident, because Campaign Legend always has a worthy reward for the efforts.

Rookie mission

12. Achievement system

This is a form of “optional” quest in the game, or rather, an incentive reward if the player achieves the titles of Battle Horde, Raid King …


For each title won, players will be awarded the corresponding Gold

The above article has just introduced to you all the ways you can use the game Legendary Campaigns to earn Gold. If you find it difficult to play on the computer with the mouse, we can refer how to set up a virtual keyboard for Campaign Legend game on emulators. Hope the article will be useful!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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