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Sweet Crossing is a cute version of the famous slither.io snake game. Sweet Crossing Similar gameplay, but instead of leading the snake to hunt, you will control a cute animal to collect tons of sweets. Getting to the top and dominating the leaderboards is not easy and the following Sweet Crossing snakes game tips will help you achieve your goal.

Snake game of prey on black and white Nokia phone has been developed into many different versions and Sweet Crossing is one of them. Sweet Crossing has gameplay like the classic snake game or Slither.io game loved by many players. Sweet Crossing brings you to the realm of sweets and adorable animals, instead of the world of snakes.

The game is sweet crossing for new people

Guide to play the most effective Sweet Crossing

Here, you will compete with many other players to become the leader of the rankings. It sounds simple, but you will have many difficulties in protecting your life and getting ahead. To help you achieve the highest score and position on the leaderboards, Taimienphi.vn will share with you some tips for playing the game Sweet Crossing snake hunt right here.

Sweet Crossing Snake game tips

1. Understand the basic rules

The new game has sweet crossing crossings

Whether you have played snake games or not, you should still go through some rules to know before entering the world of sweet but extremely fierce competition in Sweet Crossing:

– Swipe left / right / up / down to move in the respective directions.

– Try to eat lots of sweets scattered across the map to get bigger and have a longer “tail”.

– Stay away from opponents when you first enter the game, do not head into the “tail” of other animals.

– Stay away from map boundaries.

2. Don’t try to kill your opponent when you can’t

The game has sweet crossing the game

Most of your time in each level is to eat delicious sweets on the map to increase weight and body length. Each time you eat a certain amount of food, the “tail” behind you will grow longer and increase in size. However, when you first step into the game, you are just a small character. Therefore, you should choose a safe place to continue your diet rather than risking yourself trying to kill your opponent. Just a light touch on another player or map boundary is game over.

3. Run in a circle to surround the enemy

You can choose to play the peaceful way of quietly eating sweets and staying away from clashes to increase each rank in the leaderboards. However, what makes the game more interesting and dramatic is the combat aspect. Of course, there will be no firearms here. You will kill your target by besieging them with your tail to make them stab you and shatter.

When the “tail” is long enough, you can trap smaller opponents by running in a circle and gradually tightening the enclosure. With this tactic, your enemy will not be able to escape and in the end, you can swallow whatever the target’s body left behind. Make sure you are awake enough to avoid falling into the same traps of other players.

4. Take advantage of special items on the map

the game has sweet crossing on iOS

Besides collecting food, do not miss any special items while traveling on the map. You will be amazed at what they bring. For example, x5 increases the number of points you get when you eat food, shoes increase movement speed, magnets attract everything near you, lightning reduces the amount of points lost when using acceleration or magnifying glass to increase range. look around. Although the effects of these items do not last too long, it is enough for you to increase your score significantly. Furthermore, they appear a lot on the map.

5. Use the right place acceleration skill at the right time

Acceleration is the only thing you have in Sweet Crossing. Used properly, it will be of great benefit to you. For example, run away from a dangerous situation or leap forward and quickly turn the steering wheel, cross to block the opponent and get them killed before they can see what is going on. With this ability being used at the right time, you can defeat even bigger opponents than you. However, there is a small price you pay for each speed that loses a bit of points.

6. Benefit from the work of others

The new game has sweet crossing 3D on your phone

Trying to eliminate an opponent is a dangerous, risky business. So why not let other players do it for you? In Sweet Crossing, large predators are more likely to kill more prey and if you’re lucky, you can take that opportunity to stink what their prey left behind after dying.

This tactic works best when you’re a kid. Try to find someone who is much bigger than you, then stick around. Whenever the person kills an ill-fated target or dies themselves by another’s trap, swoop in and devour all the deliciously available desserts.

Sweet Crossing is not difficult to play but not easy to conquer. By applying the Sweet Crossing tips outlined above with a bit of care, your performance improves significantly with each game.

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