How to play Top Transfer events in FIFA Mobile 21

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Top Transfer in FIFA Mobile 21 is an event where you can bring your team new potential recruits, as well as receive many attractive rewards. The following article will guide you on how to play Top Transfers in FIFA Mobile 21 as well as provide more information you need to know about this top transfer event.

With the FIFA Mobile 21 Champions League Round of 16 coming to an end, EA brought back the top transfer event back and this time FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfer. By participating in the event, you can earn Transfer Points and Contract Points for special rewards like player transfers. In this article, will provide you with all information about the event Top Transfer in FIFA Mobile 21.

how to join the top transfer speed in fifa mobile 21

Instructions on how to play top Transfer events in FiFa Mobile 21

I – Information about Top Transfer events in FIFA Mobile 21

– Event time: From date March 25 – April 8 (14 days).

– Ads: 3 daily ads giving you 5 Top Transfer Energy per ad.

Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly gives you 8 Top Transfer Energy with 15,000 coins per pack.

– Energy: Top Transfer Energy renews 1 time / hour with maximum stored energy of 18.

– Daily login: 5 Negotiation Points – receive each day when logging into the game.

II – How to play Top Transfer events in FIFA Mobile 21

There are 4 tabs you need to pay attention to in this event including: Top Transfer, Rewards, Top Trades and Trading Window.

1. Top Transfer tab

In the Top Transfer tab, you will use TT Energy to participate in a series of VSA matches. You will see a route with 7 Skills Games. Play each Skill Games and you will receive Transfer Points. Complete all Skill Games to receive rewards as Negotiation Points. Note that you can only play Skill Games once per day.

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Skill Games’ completion rewards are between 5 – 35 Transfer Points. You also regain energy for every failure. In addition, there is a Exhibition Match match available every day. Choose between H2H or PvE matches, then try to win to earn more Negotiation Points. You can only earn 50 Negotiation Points once per day. Alternatively, you can choose which team you want to bring to the field. There are 2 teams of 101 OVR Preset Teams available with 2 different lineups to choose from.

New FIFA Mobile 21

In addition, there are 8 weekly coin packs providing 8 TT Energy with 15,000 coins in each pack and 3 daily ads giving 5 TT Energy for each ad. Skill Games starts off quite easily and then the difficulty increases.

2. The Rewards tab

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Use Transfer Points that you earn here to receive rewards. In addition to earning Coins, Training XP and Skill Boosts, you will also receive Contract Choice Points.

3. Top Trades Tab

how to play top transfer speed in fifa mobile 21

Contract Choice Points can be used to bring in new Top Transfer players to your team. Here, you can exchange your Contract Points for top transfer players. Players are ranked between 85 and 100, and every player can rank up. Remember to transfer ranks to your players before selling players.

4. The Trading Window tab

how to join the top transfer speed in fifa mobile 21

Complete daily challenges for Squad Building Challenges to earn Negotiation Points. In this tab, you will exchange your Negotiation Points for resources, players and the chance to receive EOE Huntelaar 95 OVR. Squad Building Challenges challenges are renewed daily. Negotiation Points are exchanged for a series of bonus packages. Each package includes Coins, Training XP and Skill Boost. You also have the opportunity to get more Negotiation Points from those packages.

How to play top transfer speed in fifa mobile 21 understand

Open the entire package to earn Top Transfer player of the day. Progress, route and player rewards are reset daily.

5. Club Power-up (1/4 – 8/4)

Club Power-Up is a new tab that will be added to the event on April 1. You will receive rewards for purchasing FIFA Points or using Gems here.

Buy or collect FIFA Points during the event period to earn rewards. For each threshold of 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 7,500 or 10,000 FIFA Points you gain, you go to the Club Power-Up tab to receive Coins, Skill Boost and Training XP.

III – Event currencies in FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfer

1. Transfer Points

– Earn Transfer Points by playing Skill Games every day.
– Use Transfer Points to redeem rewards in Transfers Path.

2. Contract Choice Points

– Get Contract Choice Points from Transfers Path rewards.
– Use Contract Choice Points to exchange for Top Transfer player.

3. Negotiation Points

– Earn Negotiation Points by completing Daily Match, Skill Games and SBC challenges.
– Use Negotiation Points to exchange for bonus packages in Contract Negotiations Chapter.

IV – Players transferred in FIFA Mobile 21 Top Transfer event

fifa mobile 21 ways to play top transfer speed

Link to download FiFa Mobile 21 for Android and iPhone:

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=> Link download FIFA Football for iPhone
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Above is how to play FIFA 21 Top Transfers and all the information you need to know about this transfer event. Basically, you just need to plow the game, accumulate points every day to earn rewards.

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