How to download videos from Instagram

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Instagram is a social network specializing in photos as well as allowing to post short clips, to download Instagram videos users cannot directly download but must go through tools and services that in the instructions below will show you how to download Instagram videos. you how to do that.

Basically We can’t download videos from Instagram directly, because this social network is similar to Facebook when it does not allow users to download videos, only photos. Instagram can’t even download photos directly. To be able to download Instagram photos, users need to do a few basic operations, refer to how to download Instagram photos here first. Back to the topic of the article, in this article will introduce you a tool to help you download videos from Instagram extremely quickly and simply.

how to download instagram videos

How to download videos from Instagram

Step 1: To download videos from Instagram you just need click on an image in a profile has an icon like the picture, it’s actually a short video.

how to download instagram videos 2

Step 2: Then how are you? copy the entire link in the address bar of this video and we will proceed to download videos from Instagram with this video.

how to download instagram videos 3

Step 3: Then you access the service called Dredown HEREscroll down and tap the corresponding Instagram icon.

how to download instagram videos 4

Step 4: Immediately another page appears, you continue to scroll down to see link inputnow enter the link we copied above and then click Dredown.

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Step 5: Wait a moment, another window will appear, here you just need to press into MP4 files You can download videos from Instagram already.

how to download instagram videos 6

The system will confirm whether to save the video or not, press OK to save.

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Finally you open the video, if it runs, the video download from Instagram has been completed.

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With just a basic tip, users can download videos from Instagram. With Dredown, users can easily download this video to your computer. And not only with Instagram, but this service can also help you download Facebook videos to your computer. This is also one of the good ways to download Facebook videos to your computer, but with Facebook we have many better alternative services if you have been following’s articles.

For those who are struggling to find a way to download Youtube videos to their computer without using software, Dredown is also a good choice in the multitude of options that has introduced. Follow more and you will see the tips for downloading Youtube videos to your computer or Facebook, Instagram are many and they are very easy to use.
– Download Instagram for iOS devices: Instagram for iPhone
– Download Instagram on Android devices: Instagram for Android

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