How to download Mega Man to iPhone, Android, Samsung, Oppo, HTC, LG, Zenfone phones

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Mega Man As one of the famous Japanese game series, Capcom has created iconic masterpieces like the Marvel world. You can refer to how to install Mega Man on iPhone, Android, Samsung, Oppo, HTC, LG, Zenfone phones with specific instructions by taimienphi.

Mega Man is a platform action game famous for its difficulty. Players control the character known as Rockman in Japan to overcome obstacles along the way, upgrade the character to fight a large number of enemies and especially the final bosses with overwhelming power. dominant. Currently downloading the game Mega Man is supported on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, to download, please follow the article below.

Mega man has a phone

Download Mega Man to iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, LG, HTC, Zenfone phones….

Instructions on how to download Mega Man to iPhone and Android phones

Mega Man Mobile is a classic action game associated with many childhoods, especially the first generation 8x and 9x. The image of a brave green robot fighting for peace has attracted millions of players around the world and brought Capcom developers huge profits. Following that success, Capcom recently officially launched this game on mobile devices.

ear mega man on iphone

Download Mega Man for iOS here: Download Mega Man for iPhone
Download Mega Man for Android here: Download Mega Man for Android

The difference from Nintedo’s Super Mario Run is that it is free to download, but if you want to play the full game, you have to pay $ 9.99. As for Capcom’s game, to experience Mega Man versions, you have to pay Capcom 1.99 USD. Of course, this price includes the entire game play and does not have to pay any other costs.

ear mega man ve android

Mega Man Mobile will make gamers relive the emotions of a memorable time when playing games on the NES series of the 90s. The game context takes place in the 200X years with 6 robots created by a master robot maker. Dr. Light was controlled by the evil genius Wily to carry out his destructive scheme. Only one robot can stop this dark conspiracy and return peace to the world and that is the heroic Mega Man.

the mega man has a phone

The original Mega Man appealed to players at the time of release with challenging gameplay, competing for weapons, and then using them to attack enemy weaknesses. In the mobile version, the gameplay and difficulty have been improved to be more suitable for touch screens.

Although it has a classic graphic design, it is not really eye-catching, but for those who have ever been fascinated with the brave Mega Man robot, it is definitely impossible to miss this mobile version.

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