How to level up fast in Dragon City

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The fast leveling up in Dragon City brings a lot of benefits to players. To become a master in the world of Dragon City you need to know how to level up quickly in Dragon City, please refer to the steps below.

Dragon City is a name as successful as Clash of Clan, Hay Day or Candy Crush Saga. The game has a separate gameplay that allows you to build your own dragon world. But like any game, in order to create more excitement for players, there are many things to explore in Dragon City that require players to have a certain level. The up Fast level in Dragon City is the basic element that you need to have if you want to experience more in this dragon world.

how to quickly cap in dragon city

Two important things when playing Dragon City is that you must know how to level up quickly in Dragon City as well as know the dragon breeding formulas in Dragon City, especially Dragon City breeding formulabecause this is a game with many different types of evolution that you have never known.

Guide to leveling up fast in Dragon City

1. Effective dragon selection

In Dragon City there are many different types of dragons, but basically from the beginning you can choose one of 3 types and this choice also partly affects the fast leveling in Dragon City. If you choose an ice dragon, it is adapted to the cold ice environment and does not like the fire environment.

Fire Dragon: Can reduce body temperature to adapt to the burning environment, helping to extinguish fire very quickly and destroy surrounding objects unconsciously.
Electric Dragon: Created by the age of darkness when lightning and lightning struck the ordinary dragon. So they always look to the sky to catch thunder.
Ice Dragon: Helps cool things down because on the island everything is hot.

2. Upgrade the Dragon’s Habitat

how to quickly cap in dragon city 2

Upgrading the habitat, also known as upgrading the house, building your house up, this will increase the limit of the number of dragons in each residence as well as the amount of gold collected for you will be more than if only one dragon. Of course you can practice for a kind of dragon to be able to level up fast in Dragon City.

3. Make a lot of food

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Food is an indispensable resource in Dragon City, you can easily create food and what food gives players is not small. Providing enough food for the dragon will help you get a lot of gold very quickly. Of course, depending on the level of your farm will create different foods in Dragon City. Farms with higher food will produce more food in a short time.

Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 1, has 100 gold and 100 exp.
Big Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 8, has 25,000 gold and 25,000 exp.
Huge Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 18, has 500,000 gold and 500,000 experience points.

4. Get Free Gifts

In the game, there is a mode to send and receive free gifts from your friends, so don’t ignore this feature. With the amount of gold and items received, it will help you a lot in both leveling up quickly in Dragon City.

5. Complete in-game quests

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In Dragon City, there are many quests with different methods that bring many items to the player including resources, gems or experience points. And to speed up the process you can also use gems but be careful when using gems. If you want to level up quickly in Dragon City, then you must regularly do the assigned tasks in the game.

6. Collect Gems in Dragon City

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Gems in Dragon City have many uses and one of them is to help you level up quickly in Dragon City. Gems allow you to unlock special items without having to wait for construction time or incubation, here are a few notes to be able to collect gems in Dragon City.

– When you go up each level you will get 1 gem.
– Declare, attendance will receive a daily bonus.
– There is a special reward you get on the 2nd day of play which is a gem.
– Participate in all events, researches or quests given in the game for a chance to receive gems.
– Invite friends to play Dragon City, you will receive 5 jewels including gems.
– Build Dragon Stadium and make creatures fight each other, for every tournament you will get 2 gems.

Just a few simple tricks and you’ve got a few gems for yourself, gems are an indispensable factor if you want to level up quickly in Dragon City.

Above are some experiences of to help you level up quickly in Dragon City, from there you can join the challenge or explore more interesting parts in Dragon City. One more tip for you to level up quickly in Dragon City is to play Dragon City on your computer. Job play Dragon City on computer will help you manage and pay better attention when playing this game in any situation. In addition, Android emulators like BlueStacks do this very well, playing the game completely smoothly and no errors occur during the game.
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