Free Fire: Which MP40 skin is the best?

Let’s find out with The best MP40 skin in the game Garena Free Fire So you can dominate close-range battles with this SMG weapon.

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Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile today. Free Fire is playing millions of players around the world every day.

Free Fire stand out from other survival shooters because of the character system, pets and unique skins that players can get through the event or buy at the store. What’s special about the Free Fire game skin is that it can make weapons stronger with different buffs. Here it is Top best skin for MP40 in Free Fire.

What is the best MP40 skin in Garena Free Fire?

Skin Flashing Spade for MP40 in Free Fire

  • ++Damage
  • +Rate of fire
  • Range
Skin MP40 gold spade in Free Fire

The Flashing Spade skin for MP40 or MP40 gold spade is definitely the best skin because it provides a great fire buff for weapons, helping you to tear the enemy to pieces in seconds. This skin doubles its damage buff and rate of fire, making it on par with pistols in close combat.

This skin reduces the weapon’s range, but this is not a big deal. All you have to do is get other gear more effective in mid or long range combat like the SCAR or AK while the MP40 helps you dominate close range fights.

Skin Mechanical for MP40 in Free Fire

  • ++Damage
  • +Range
  • Reload speed
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Skin mechanical MP40

Again, for weapons near the MP40 range, increasing damage is really important because it can help you destroy your opponents as quickly as possible. The mechanical MP40 skin doubles its damage and slightly gives its range.

However, this skin also reduces the MP40’s reload speed, which can be inconvenient in some cases but in general, not too dangerous.

Skin Eternal Diamond for MP40 in Free Fire

  • ++Damage
  • +Range
  • Reload speed
Free Fire gun skin

Skin MP40 Perpetual diamond has buffs like the mechanical MP40 skin. The only difference is that it looks better due to completely changing the appearance of the MP40. However, the Eternal Diamond MP40 skin is more difficult to use if you just want to buff.

Skin Carnival Carnage for MP40 in Free Fire

  • +Damage
  • ++Exactly
  • Reload speed
Skin Carnival Carnage MP40 in the game Free Fire

This skin slightly increases damage and accuracy but reduces reload speed. The Carnival Carnage MP40 Skin is more suitable for new players under level 60 to make their shooting more stable. This skin also helps the MP40 fight more effectively than usual in mid-range battles.

Due to the reduced reload speed, you need to be a bit more careful when the weapon runs out of ammo. Go to a safe corner to reload instead of moving around, especially if you have a habit of reloading continuously even when it has 1 bullet left.

Skin Blazing Heart for MP40 in Free Fire

  • +Damage
  • ++Exactly
  • Stock
Gun skin FF Blazing Heart MP40

The last skin on this list is the fiery hearted MP40 skin with buffs like the Carnival Carnage MP40 skin, which is a great choice for new players. But instead of reducing the weapon’s reload speed, this skin reduced the magazine size.

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However, owning the Blazing Heart MP40 skin is often more difficult, so Carnival Carnage MP40 is still appreciated in Free Fire.

The above is Top best skin for MP40 gun in Garena Free Fire. Hopefully the article will help you choose a better Free Fire gun skin.

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