Genshin Impact: How to make money in Kettle Tran Ca

Cách kiếm tiền trong Ấm Trần Ca

If you want to buy some ingredients for Tran Ca Kettle in Genshin Impact, you need a real currency (Realm Currency). Here’s how to get the first money in the Tran Ca Kettle when playing Genshin Impact.

How to make money in Kettle Tran Ca

Genshin Impact 1.5 launched Am Tran Ca housing system. To get all the desired decorations, you need to collect a special currency – Realm Currency. It is different from mora, resin and primogem. You can only get them inside the Tran Ca Kettle. Here’s everything you need to know about first cave in Tran Ca Kettle in Genshin Impact.

What is the first cave in Am Tran Ca?

The coins were used to purchase the design and furniture inside Tran Ca Kettle from Tubby and travel teapot seller Chubby. Without a deposit, you have no way of viewing the extensive catalog of available designs.

Tubby Shop

Fortunately, you can start making money right away by placing a few decorations and starting to accumulate items in the first potion. The cash flow you get will be quite slow for the first few days, even weeks.

Make sure to collect as many materials as you can in this world. Ideally, you should take a certain amount of time to enter Genshin Impact everyday. That ensures you won’t have to go out, go into the fairy cave just to pick up wood or berries.

Immortal potion

You can only enter the Bai Bao Tien Cave by talking to Tubby outside the palace. You will find it in the trusted rating option and will accumulate money over time. Money will increase with the adeptal energy your decorations and furniture radiate. You should create & place a whole new design to increase power and reliability scores with Tubby.

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Chat with Warm Fairy in Genshin Impact

The higher the adeptal energy rank, the more money you earn per hour. Kettle has a certain limit, so if you don’t withdraw money for a long time, you may lose everything.


  • Fast mana level up by creating a junk room in an empty room in the mansion. You can order a variety of items to increase the energy rank in this room.
  • Energy stat items radiate differently. So check which item gives you the best profit.

In the reliability ranking menu, you can also check your adeptal rating and current position. Below are the ranks along with the adeptal energy you need to reach each level. The higher the rank, the more money you earn per hour.


Humble Abode

  • 2,000 Energy
  • 8 per hour


  • 3,000 Energy
  • 12 per hour


  • 4,500 Energy
  • 16 per hour


  • 6,000 Energy
  • 20 per hour


  • 8,000 Energy
  • 22 per hour


  • 10,000 Energy
  • 24 per hour


  • 12,000 Energy
  • 26 per hour


  • 15,000 Energy
  • 28 per hour

Fit For A King

  • 20,000 Energy
  • 30 per hour

The more furniture, the more money you get and the more designs you can buy.

Increase friendship rank with Warm Fairy in Genshin Impact

Above is how to have money in Tran Ca’s Kettle while playing the game Genshin Impact. Hope the article is useful to you.

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