Everything you need to know about the new character Xayne Free Fire

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Garena often introduces new Free Fire characters into the game with major updates. Updates Free Fire OB27 released on April 14 will bring a new character named Xayne. Let’s join Taimienphi to find out what special abilities the new character Xayne Free Fire has.

The new character Xayne Free Fire OB27 might actually be the strongest, according to gamers who experience the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server – an excellent character to buy if you regularly play Duel mode. Ranking. In this article, we’ll list everything currently available about Free Fire’s new character Xayne.

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New character skill details Xayne in Garena Free Fire

The plot and appearance of Xayne in Free Fire

Xayne is an athlete in extreme sports. Her relentless quest for thrills and danger has become a well-known name in the Free Fire universe. Her appearance is quite similar to Notora – a female character with short hair with a rather economical shirt.

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Xayne character skills in Garena Free Fire

Xayne’s ability is named Xtreme Encounter. This was probably inspired by her adventure sports story. This will give Xayne a temporary 100 HP bonus and 50% damage to Gloo Walls (ice walls) and shields (Chrono). The duration of this ability is 8 seconds, cooldown for 150 seconds at level 1.

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When Xayne Free Fire character’s skill level up, Xtreme Encounter’s bonus damage increases while its cooldown decreases. At level 6 (level max), this ability will give you 80% more damage to Gloo Walls with a cooldown of only 100 seconds.

How strong is the Xayne Free Fire skill?

Although the HP gain is temporary, it is provided immediately, much more powerful than healing skills like Alok or even the A124. As long as the enemy doesn’t have this skill, you’ll be able to win each 1vs1 skirmish.

This bonus damage will allow you to clear Gloo Walls twice as fast. Enemies can no longer throw a wall and heal behind it. With something like the M82B (which also adds damage to Gloo Walls), you can even wipe them out with 2 shots.

The skill cooldown is probably the most important thing players need to pay attention to with 150 seconds right at level 1, you will need Rockie assistants when using Xayne to have a cooldown down to 85 seconds. Or if you don’t Free Fire character skill upgrade to 6 to optimize the entire character, even with the high cooldown Xayne is still a great character.

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