How to download and install Minecraft Launcher

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Minecraft is a popular game with large open world gameplay with game modes such as survival, creation, adventure … with diverse blocks, you can build your own works with great creativity such as house, villa, castle or a kingdom for yourself.

Today will guide you to install Minecraft Launcher, a tool to easily start Minecraft to help you choose from many different Minecraft versions, simple setup and also optional for players to set. up and no password required to play.

Instructions to download and use Minecraft Launcher on the computer

Step 1: Download Minecraft Launcher and double click on the icon Minecraft.exe.

Minecraft launcher

Step 2: Display Minecraft Launcher show up, you click 3 dash icon in the right corner of the screen.

Minecraft launcher

Step 3: Choose Launch options, Then choose Add new.

Minecraft launcher

Step 4: Select the version you want to play, here I choose the latest version (1.12.2).

Minecraft launcher

Step 5: Then name the profile you want to enter and click Save.

Minecraft launcher

Step 6: Go back to the item News, Click the triangle icon next to the button Play. Select the profile you saved to play.

Minecraft launcher

Step 7: Press the button PlayDemo to load the game screen.

Minecraft launcher

Video instructions for downloading and installing Minecraft Launcher

So with the instructions of above, you can choose for yourself many versions when playing Minecraft and how to start Minecraft is also much simpler than the regular Minecraft version, you can refer to the article. write Minecraft instructions for beginners here to help you get acquainted faster with this game.

Currently, Minecraft Pocket Edition and PC versions are the two most popular versions of Minecraft, for those of you who have been in the game for a long time will know which version is suitable for your gameplay, and for gamers New, choosing these two versions will be more difficult, please refer to the article comparing Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft PC here to choose the best version for you.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments.

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