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PUBG Mobile: How to survive when there is nothing on you

There will be times when you are so unlucky … you can’t loot anything in the game in the beginning, or you just want to create a survival challenge in the game by … naked in the game, of course. Of course, by the end of the game you still need a few items if you want to live in a circle. The following tips will help you survive when you are not covered by a piece of cloth, even can achieve high rankings if you know how to use it at the right time.

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PUBG Mobile: Tips to help you survive when there is nothing on you

1. Hide the edge of the ring

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I started moving into a crowded area to loot, the first one didn’t loot much because there were already people loot, the second unit almost died when being hit by a bullet, the third was all … garbage, that’s bad worst that an unlucky gamer could ever encounter. Nude, unable to loot a weapon.

Now take advantage of the circle, stand facing the edge of the circle and lean back against it. Then just go ahead and go to any block along the way, you will collect a few guns, helmets and armor no matter what. Just rest assured because few people survive too long outside the circle, so you will lessen a concern of being “hooked” behind.

2. Skip the gunfight but keep watching

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Of course, if nothing on hand, do not be foolish to fight, you can dodge, lie, sit, crawl all kinds of things but remember not to get close to any gunfight, just ignore them, wait They paid off each other, then it was not too late to jump into the loot.

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But do not forget that you always have to keep an eye on the enemy, you want to avoid the fight, but you want to know exactly what the battle is going on, it is also important, maybe they see you but wait to destroy the enemy first. the new face will be closer to you.

So take advantage of the obstructions, follow the corners of the wall and use the eye icon to enter the mode Free-look and monitoring will help you know the progress of the match without having to show your face.

3. Loot … ve bottles

PUBG Mobile

Accept it, you have nothing in hand, after a fight there is also a child lying down. But you have to wait for the other guy to finish loot before you get closer to see if there’s anything else in the crate. There may be something left over for you.

4. Lie and crouch

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If you keep moving by running or sitting, you are like a good “bait” at all. Instead, wisely follow the enemy, avoid the fight by lying and crawling on dense terrain, it will limit the enemy’s vision. Then wait patiently until you notice no sign of the enemy, stand up and move.

5. Immerse yourself in nature

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Running in the middle of the open road will have a very high chance of being beaten, so run into the jungle to live. There are no items there, but at least it will help you shield from the bullets, then find out the nearest hiding places from there. Even if you have enough equipment, the jungle is still a priority if you want a safe hiding place.

6. Better than nothing

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If it is a hardcode but you are in a bad situation when you cannot loot many things, then take advantage of any gun that can loot, even if you shoot too badly, do not be picky. Type: “I didn’t pick up Uzi, I want an M4, only pistol, I don’t have 4x then what do you do …”.

If you continue like this, you will have nothing in your hand, so better than not, maybe you will do miracles with the Uzi or Shotgun.

7. Get a car

PUBG Mobile

If you find a car in this situation is like “drought meets showers”, any car will help you move faster, away from dangers, not to mention it also helps to protect You too, then move to a safe house and take advantage of loot.

Good luck!

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