How to delete all accounts on the Internet

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Delete all accounts on the Internet – it can seem like a lot of work, but with just a few steps for each account, you can permanently delete your account to hide it. name on the Internet.

Normally, social network service providers and online services always facilitate us to join the service by registering as quickly as possible, and when we no longer want to use the service, the steps to remove Removing or disabling an account will take a lot of time and is more complicated than we thought because the functionality is designed deep in the system. Taimienphi will guide you delete accounts on the Internet.

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How to delete social media accounts and online services

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with billions of users. When using this social network, we have provided a lot of personal information to both Facebook and the people we are interacting with. If you don’t want to use Facebook anymore, you can delete facebook account follow the instruction

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2. Twitter

Twitter is also a popular social network after Facebook used by many people with the function of quickly sharing short messages. Deleting a Twitter account is also quite simple, users can delete twitter account your own after just a few steps according to the instructions.

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3. Google (including Youtube)

A Google account includes many of Google’s services, including YouTube content. Deleting a Google account will greatly affect the data used on Google including posted videos, data on cloud services… Therefore, before deciding to delete your Google account, you should consider carefully. . You follow the instructions to delete Google account here

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4. Skype (Microsoft account)

Similar to Google accounts, Microsoft accounts come with a lot of other services. Users need to consider carefully before deleting the account. Account deletion will be done within 45 days. In 45 days, if you want to cancel the account deletion, please log in again. Steps delete Skype account Please follow the instructions

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5. Yahoo (including Flickr)

The steps to delete your Yahoo account are very simple, you can follow the instructions here to delete your Yahoo account. Note, when deleting your account, your chat history as well as your friends list will also be deleted. You can immediately delete yahoo account now

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Thus, deleting an account on the Internet is also very simple. Some online services do not allow you to delete online, you can contact customer care phone number for support

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