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Dragon Mania Legends is currently one of the very hot dragon breeding simulation games on mobile and Windows 8. In the game, players will have the opportunity to own, take care of, breed new dragons and train them back to life. into an excellent warrior.

Next Dragon City, Dragon Mania Legends is one of the most popular virtual pet games today. Along with beautiful graphics and interesting management gameplay, the game also offers an attractive feature for players that is the ability to breed new dragons. What could be more interesting than incubating small eggs and waiting for them to hatch fancy and cute little dragons? However, to breed new types of dragons at will requires an investment of time and effort in the player’s research. In this article, let’s Learn how to breed dragons that can be found in the shop!

Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon in Dragon Mania It is divided into 9 categories based on their properties including: Fire (fire), Wind (wind), Earth (earth), Water (water), Plant (carpentry), Metal (metal), Energy (electricity), Void (vacuum) and Legend (Legend). In terms of system, the dragon will be divided into 4 groups:

  • Dragon contains 1 prime system (Dragon Basic: Fire, Wind … Vacuum): This type is quite weak and is usually only used to breed stronger hybrids, not suitable for combat.
  • Dragon contains 2 prime systems (Normally C (Common) came U (Uncommon) or R (Rare): Contains 2 elemental systems in person.
  • Dragon contains 3 prime systems (Rare to Epic)
  • Dragon Legendary (Contains only synthetic element Legend)

Dragon Mania Legends

II. Principles of dragon breeding in Dragon Mania Legends:

Dragon Mania Legends There is no exact formula, it’s all relative and depends on luck to create the dragon you want. Although there are many ways to breed dragons because the number of dragons in the game is so many, in general, you must comply with some general principles as follows:

1. Dragon cub (F2) can only have the prime systems from the parents’ systems

The first rule is that baby dragons can only contain elements that parents have. For example, parents do not have any element Wind (Wind), or their children never have that element at all. A dragon can have many systems but it can only have systems consisting of parents.

For example, if the father (Fire, Wind) is crossed with his mother (Electricity, Wood), he will have 2 or more systems in the range of Fire – Wind – Electricity – Carpentry.

2. Dragon children (F2) must have both the prime system from both parents

This principle is relatively similar to common biological knowledge, the offspring must always bear the characteristics of both parents. No matter how many parent dragons have, the baby dragons must have at least 1 generation from the father and 1 generation from the mother.

For example: Taking a Metal child crossed with a child (Earth, Water), then F2 will surely have a Metal system of the father and 1 of the 2 Mother Earth – Wind systems (or both). Accordingly, F2 will be able to fall into the following cases: (Metal, Water) or (Metal, Soil) or (Metal, Water, Soil (If you are lucky, you will create a child of 3 element systems.

3. The higher the parent dragon’s level, the higher the rate of rare dragons

Gameloft indicates that dragons have a high level, the ability to create rare dragons will be higher than normal dragons. So try to level up for dragons parents to be able to create unique baby dragons.

4. Dragonling results do not depend on the order of breed as well as the rarity of the parent dragon

The results of creating baby dragons are mainly due to probability and luck, so you do not need to pay too much attention to the order for parent dragons to breed and their rarity.

Dragon Mania Legends

III. Several ways to control dragon hybrid results

As mentioned above, hybrid results depend mainly on the luck factor but there is a way to control and focus on the player’s goal.

1. Lai dragon 2 element systems

  • Dragon hybrid 2 generation is the easiest method by which you can control the generation of baby dragons created. You choose the parents with 2 basic systems that you want to combine in the baby dragon and then cross them with each other. 100% of the baby dragons will carry those 2 types only. However, creating any child depends on the element of luck.

For example: Water mixed with Wind will create Cloud (cloud) or Ice (Ice) because these two children contain 2 elemental systems of Water and Wind. However, the possibility of the Ice will be higher because Ice belongs to Common (normal) and Cloud is harder to come out because of the Uncommon type.

  • The conflicting systems cannot be directly crossed, Such as Water with Fire, Tree with Fire, Metal and Water. Therefore, to create a baby dragon with 2 conflicting elements, you must indirectly crossbreed with F2 to create a child containing those elements.

For example: To cross the sunflower flowers, you can use Plant + Smoke (Fire / Wind) or any 2 multinational children with Fire from the father and the mother Moc (or vice versa). And also because Smoke has up to 2 systems, so the results can be: Sunflower (Wood / Fire) or Leaf (Wood / Wind) or Seed (Wind / Wood).

Dragon Mania Legends

2. Lai dragon 3 elemental systems:

Children with 3 types and are of Epic type is the dream of all players Dragon Mania Legends. However, the creation of these offspring is quite difficult because it requires parents to have 3 prime systems.

If you want to cross a new type of dragon, then consider what 3 types that one has. Then take a basic child in those 3 systems and then cross with F2 with the other 2 systems will have the chance to come out.

For example: If you want to cross Agave (Fire / Water / Tree) you can apply the following crossbreeds

  • Fire with (Water, Wood)
  • Wood with (Water, Fire)
  • Water with (Fire, Wood)

Dragon Mania Legends

For example: Pairing Fire with Candy (Wood / Water) will get: Sunflower (Fire / Wood) or Boiling (Fire / Water) or Agave (Fire / Water / Tree) – (3 cases) and Agave is the case. the luckiest.

If you pair more elements like a War (Metal / Fire) with Candy (Wood / Water), you will get 4 normal cases and 2 Epic cases (Agave and Coral). So a total of 6 cases and you will not be able to control what Epic was born if you are lucky to be Epic.

Above are some ways and principles of breeding new dragons in Dragon Mania Legends. I wish you a hybrid of new and unique dragons!

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