How to play Clash Royale game on computer

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Download Clash Royale, install Clash Royale, how to play Clash Royale …. it can be said that in recent days, the game market is revolving around the second brother of Clash Of Clans – Clash Royale. As Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale is not only a blockbuster game but also a real-time MOBA game released by Supercell quite secretly.

Download Clash Royale for Android.

How to install Clash Royale game on iPhone, iPad or Android is probably quite simple, does not repeat again. But if you still do not know how, can review the tutorial how to install Clash Royale on your phone for details. Also in this article, we will only learn the problem, download Clash Royale for computer and how to play Clash Royale on computer.

Download Clash Royale for iOS

Install Clash Royale on your computer by BlueStacks

Currently there is no version that supports Clash Royale on the computer, but if you want to play Clash Royale on PC, you can use a few. Popular Android emulator today as BlueStacks good Droid4X.

This is the best free Android emulator available today, you can install BlueStacks on your computer and play Clash Royale on BlueStacks. Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Download BlueStacks (free).

Step 2: Install BlueStacks (see instructions here).

Step 3: Go to the link to download Clash Royale for Android, Download the APK file about (use the backup link below).

Download apk file game Clash Royale

Download the apk file of Clash Royale game at the 2nd link

Step 4: Navigate to the location of the downloaded file, press right mouse button, choose in turn Open with / BlueStacks Apk Handler.


Step 5: Wait a moment for the process of installing Clash Royale on Bluestacks to complete, then there will be a notice as below.


Step 6: Now that you open the emulator BlueStacks up will see the Clash Royale game has been successfully installed!


Also, if you are using BlueStacks version 2. You can use the APK feature in the Menu bar on the left as shown below to install the APK file for BlueStacks faster.

Click on apk

A window opens, select the APK file to install Open.


And now you can comfortably enjoy Clash Royale on your computer! Let’s fight !!

Royale allow - Emergenceingame

Play Clash Royale on computer with emulator BlueStacks.

Play Clash Royale on Bluestacks

How to play Clash Royale on computer using Droid4X

Implementation is similar when installing on BlueStacks. The only difference is that Droid4X only supports one way to install APK files.

Step 1: Download the Droid4X installer (Download Droid4X for free).

Step 2: Install Droid4X on your computer (installation instructions Droid4X).

Step 3: Go to the save apk file of Clash Royale, Right mouse / Open with / select item Droid4X.


Wait a moment for the process to complete. Then we will see the game installed into this emulator as below.

Install Clash Royale on Droid4x


Along installing Clash Royale on both emulators, I personally see some points as follows:

  • Compared with BlueStacks, Droid4X has the advantage of being compact and lightweight, does not require too high computer configuration, runs fast.
  • BlueStacks has smoother and more stable images, but heavier and longer installs.
  • Droid4X is lighter, runs fast and setup is also simpler. Pictures of the game above Droid4X is not really smooth, but still pretty good.
  • The game’s interface Droid4X will automatically change to match the game, unlike BlueStacks.


The implementation process is not difficult and does not require too much technology knowledge so you can rest assured and follow. If your computer meets the requirements for BlueStacks, you can use this emulator, otherwise, Droid4X will not disappoint you!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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