How to create fairy photos with PicsArt

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PicsArt is a free application that allows you to edit images with simple operations with many support tools. This article will show you how to create beautiful PicsArt fairy photos that will definitely make you stand out when posting on social networking sites.

PicsArt is a tool that combines a photo editing program with freehand drawing features and allows users to share images with the worldwide community of PicsArt users. It provides professional editing tools and supports a lot of beautiful photo filters, helping to transform images after just a single editing operation, so creating fairy photos on PicsArt is also extremely simple. simple.


Instructions for creating fairy photos with PicsArt

How to create fairy photos with PicsArt


– You download and install the PicsArt application for your phone or tablet:

=> Link to download PicsArt for Android
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=> Link to download PicsArt for iPhone
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=> Link to download PicsArt for Windows
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– Download images with spiral effect here:


Principles of implementation: You will use an image with spiral details, then overlay the original image and increase the transparency to blend the 2 photos together.


Step 1: Start the PicsArt application, click on the plus icon and select an image to add effects.


Step 3: You drag to the left and select the Add photo menu below the application screen. Select and add to spiral image.


Step 4: Right below you select the tool Transparency. Then drag the value lower to be able to move the spiral to the right character position easily.


Step 5: Next, click on the item mix up and choose Filter so that the 2 photos blend together in the best way.


Step 6: Select tool Erase and proceed to delete the details of the spiral in the character’s face area.


Step 7: Tick the V icon to save. Then click on the arrow icon to download the edited photo to your device.


And here is the finished photo:

Above is a guide to creating fairy photos with PicsArt. With just a few simple steps, you have a beautiful photo to share with everyone. In addition, through PicsArt, you can also create extremely interesting transparent Facebook photos, no less than when used with professional photo editing software Photoshop.

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