How to create a sunshine effect on photos with Xingtu

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To take a portrait with sunlight is not easy, with Xingtu, the photo editing application on your phone, can you do this? Let’s study how to create sun effect on photos with Xingtu.

Create a ray of light, light ray on photo is a photographic technique used by many photographers to create rays of light that shine through dark areas to bring a shimmering, magical effect to the image after being taken, this technique is also used by graphic designers. The graphics are processed through intensive post-production photo editing techniques using Photoshop, AI, After Effects,…

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How to create a sunbeam effect for photos on Xingtu

Temporarily skipping photo editing techniques, creating sun effects in Photoshop, complicated AI, currently, you can easily manipulate and add sunbeams to your photos by using the Xingtu photo editing app. Here are how to create sunshine effect on photo with Xingtu For details, please refer.

How to create a sunshine effect on photos with Xingtu

Step 1: Download the Xingtu app to your phone

Like other Chinese photo editing apps, you can’t find and download Xingtu on the CH Play and App Store app stores on Android and iOS phones. What you need to do is turn on unknown power on your phone and download third-party apps. Specifically:

– Enable unknown power on on Android phones, iPhones. If you don’t know how, you can refer to the tutorial article how to enable unknown source to install APK file ours.

– Download the Xingtu app by following the download link below:
+ Download Xingtu for Android
+ Download Xingtu for iPhone

As a Chinese photo editing app and a normal way to download apps, downloading the Xingtu app may be strange to you. If you need help downloading and installing the Xingtu app on your phone, you can refer to the tutorial article How to download the app Xingtu China’s photo editing.

Step 2: Open the Xingtu application on your phone, press the (+) button on the main screen and add the photo you want to edit.

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Step 3: In the editing interface, you drag from left to right, select the 6th feature to combine effects.
Step 4: The screen shows the effects that you can add to the photo. Here, you choose the sunlight effect (oblique light ray, vertical light ray, …) you want to add to the image.

If you are not satisfied with the effect you just added, you can change the effect used by clicking on the top option, 3rd from the left to create the most beautiful, shimmering appearance for your photo.

How to create a ray on xingtu

Step 5: After creating a satisfactory sun effect for the photo, you can click the download button (top right of the screen) to download the photo you just added the effect.

As soon as the photo upload process is completed, the photo will be in your photo gallery, you can freely share it on social networks and impress everyone.

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Thus, has just shared with you how to add sunlight effects to photos, how to create sunbeam effects for photos on Xingtu. Use these instructions to embellish your photos more sparkling, fanciful!
Not only supports downloading and using on phones, currently, you can also download Xingtu to your computer and operate it. To better understand this method, the article How to use Xingtu on a computer We will bring many useful suggestions for you.

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