The easiest way to turn on a remote computer with UltraViewer

UltraViewer has just updated to add a new feature that allows users to turn on the computer remotely with UltraViewer. Thanks to that, users can control the on and off of the device they are controlling, even if they have to work online or provide remote technical support.

For the convenience of remote device control, in addition to turn off sleep mode, Sleep on the computer with UltraViewer, you can also set the time to automatically turn on the remote computer with UltraViewer so that you can use the device whenever you want.

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Instructions to turn on the remote computer with UltraViewer

How to start a remote computer using UltraViewer

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Configure the partner machine.
– Download and install UltraViewer on PC, open UltraViewer => tick Allow remote computer to turn on => set time => press OK.
Step 2: On the controller,
– Enter Partner ID and Password, select Enable Remote Desktop.

2. Detailed instructions

2.1 On the partner computer, the machine is controlled

Step 1: Download and install UltraViewer by following the link below.
– Download UltraViewer for PC latest version.

Reference: How to install UltraViewer

Step 2: Open UltraViewertick Run UltraViewer with Windows and Allow to turn on the computer remotely (Allow turn on computer remotely).
Run UltraViewer with Windows: Every time the computer is turned on, UltraViewer also runs. If you turn off UltraViewer from starting with Windows, users will no longer be able to control the remote computer.

how to install remote computer from ultraviewer on pc

Step 3: Set time at table Wake Up Configure => press Agree.
– The computer startup time will be set according to the date with specific timelines.
=> Example: Taimienphi Setting 10 minutes to turn on the computer once in the period from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

How to install remote computer from ultraviewer on computer?

2.2 On the controller

Step 1: Import ID and password of the partner machinethe device you want to control or turn on the computer remotely.
Step 2: Choose triangle icon => Press Turn on the remote computer to start the device.

How to install remote computer from ultraviewer on windows

After turning on the remote computer using UltraViewer, the device you control will start up according to the time interval that you have previously set to be able to connect and use. If there is an error connecting UltraViewer, apply the method fix common UltraViewer error when connecting remote computer to fix you.
In addition, if you do not know how to control your computer remotely with Ultraviewer, readers can refer to the instructions shared in the article below to know how.

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