Genshin Impact: List of top weapons in the game

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Weapons in Genshin Impact Extremely varied and rich with excellent strength stats. Let’s explore together the most appreciated weapon in the game Genshin Impact Please!

Weapons in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the top games for best games in 2020 on mobile. With the magical action gameplay in the vast fantasy world, the deep character system and engaging content, Genshin Impact has quickly attracted gamers around the world after just a few months of release.

Despite some suspicions of plagiarizing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the number of Genshin Impact players remained unaffected. One of the main factors that retain players is the epic weapon system of the game. When playing Genshin Impact, your character has magical powers but it is difficult to apply them often and weapons are a great add-on. Weapons in Genshin Impact There are different star ratings with unique passive modifiers for each character.

Weapons in Genshin Impact

While this stat varies slightly based on the role the character you want in your team, Genshin Impact has some of the more outstanding weapons in their respective categories. If you want to know which weapons are worth hunting, which ones should be ignored, please refer to for reference TOP the top weapon in Genshin Impact.

List of top weapons in the game Genshin Impact

The highest level sword in Genshin Impact

High level sword in Genshin Impact

Aquila Favonia

Almost indisputable, Aquila Favonia is the best sword in the game Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, you can only own it through Wish. This is a 5-star weapon with a base attack stat of 48, the highest in the sword category. Its Falcon’s Defiance passive skill grants you some great buffs. The first is to increase attack power by 20-40%. When injured, Falcon of the West’s soul “awakens”, meaning that you will heal the same amount of damage dealt from 100 – 160%, and AOE damage is equivalent to 200 – 320% of your attack. . You can only activate this feature once every 15 seconds.

Skyward Blade

Only behind Aquila Favonia, Skyward Blade is the 5-star Genshin Impact Sword that you should look for. It has less than 2 base attack points – 46 but comes with a mana boost and Sky-Piercing Fang. Skyward Blade’s passive buff increases your chances of hitting your target by 4-8%. Using Elemental Burst, you can also activate movement speed and attack speed 10% stronger, at the same time, deal 20-40% more damage than normal and heal for 12 seconds.

The highest level injury in Genshin Impact

Primordal Jade Winged-Spear

Another 5-star weapon “monster”. Its base attack stat is 48, similar to Aquila, but more focused on damage than swords. The passive feature Eagle Spear of Justice increases damage by 6% for 6 seconds, but stacks up to 7 times. On top of that, each stack will increase character skill damage by 12-28%.

Strong injury on Genshin Impact

Prototype Grudge

Even though it’s only 4 stars, you can actually craft Prototype Grudge, making it the most reliable weapon on this list. Although the base damage index is only 42, the passive feature is good, increasing attack damage by 12-24% for 12 seconds and can be stacked 2 times after using an elemental ability.

The highest level sword in Genshin Impact

The strongest great sword in Genshin Impact

Wolf’s Gravestone

If you are in an emergency situation, you need the assistance of Wolf’s Gravestone. This 5-star Genshin Impact weapon has a base attack stat of 46, the highest in the great sword type, making it easy to eliminate opponents. Wolfish Tracker not only increases attack by 20-40%, but also increases the team’s attack buff by 40-80% for the next 12 seconds when the enemy has 30% health. Note, you can only activate this feature every 30 seconds, but that is enough to finish off all normal enemies.

Highest offers in Genshin Impact

Viridescent Hunt

In theory, Amos’s Bow has better base damage, but Viridescent Hunt is still worth hunting in Genshin Impact because of its passive ability. You can also earn it through the Battle Pass. You will start with 42 base attack and the passive skill Verdant Wind. This means that when being hit, each subsequent shot will increase the chance of creating a tornado that damages all enemies in range by 50% over time. This tornado deals 40% damage for the half second bonus for the total of 4 seconds of the attack. That means it will shoot up to 8 times. This can only happen every 14 seconds

The highest level spell in Genshin Impact

The highest level spell in Genshin Impact

Prototype Malice

The end of this list is a 4-star rated weapon you can craft – Prototype Malice. While being the weakest weapon on this list with a base attack stat of just 42, passivity is much more important to your character. This weapon has Golden Plating, which activates passive regeneration of about 4-6 mana every 2 seconds, for a total of 6 seconds, after you cast an Elemental Burst. During this same time, the other members of your team also begin to recover 4-6% health. This is a great weapon choice for all characters that use support spells to assist teammates.

Note, the list of The most powerful weapon in Genshin Impact This is divided according to each type and can be changed according to each update. Also, due to the game’s gacha mechanics, most weapons can only be obtained using Wish.

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