How to create a new room in Pursuit

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When playing the game of Pursuit, if you do not want to join the existing rooms, you can create a new room to play “solo” or invite your friends to play with if you want. How to create Chasing game room It’s quite simple but there are many different options that players need to pay attention to to be able to create the right room, game mode that you want.

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Creating a game room in Pursuit is the only way a player can invite or play a game with his friends. We can even set a room’s own name and set a password so that other casual players can’t participate.

Create a game room for the Pursuit

Step 1: You log into the game as if you were playing normally and still choose the channel you want to join.

Main interface

Step 2: Instead of choosing a room to enter, you click on Create room.

Create room
Select the left mouse button on Create room to start

Step 3: Display Create room appear. Sequence Choose your mode, Select map, Room settings in my opinion OK to create a new room.

Select map

Step 4: Each game mode has different maps. We choose from left to right, then place Room name, choose Amount of people and some of the features below.

Room settings
Choose the Game Mode, Map …

Step 5: Although the Room Owner (room creator) can Kick but if you want to be not bothered or bothered with mouse clicks, you can set a password for the room his play, then OK.

Set a password

Finally, if your friends can’t find the game room you created, you can invite them in to play.

Invite friends

Wish you all success!

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