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The basic skills in the game DotA 2 below will help gamers quickly grasp and familiarize themselves with the gameplay and tactics in this MOBA game. Game DotA 2 is back strongly with Auto Chess game mode and become a pioneering game to develop dignity flag regime.

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The DotA game is one of the strategy games with complex gameplay, gamers are forced to familiarize themselves with each skill before entering the arena. Perhaps that is why the DotA series is more picky for players than the strategy games on the market. However, the basic skills below will help you a lot before joining the DotA 2 community.

Key skills in DotA 2

Support skills in DotA 2

Support is an important skill when playing in teams and supporters have the role of supporting teammates, even willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the team. In addition, the supporter also plays a role in guiding the movement of the group by setting wards. The Support generals are really silent heroes of the team and indispensable in every match.

Suitable heroes as Supporters:

Heroes do not depend too much on items and possess the ability to heal, mana, create protection, increase the ability to attack squads or control the enemy, etc. Some typical champions as supporters Warlock, Lich, Crystal Maiden, Lion, etc.


The supporter is required to buy the courier for the entire team from the start. With a courier, your teammates can transport the purchased items from home to hand without losing travel, ensuring survival on the way. Especially raise it to the Flying Courier (bird) as soon as possible because it can save party time including moving things.

Some couriers play a transport role in the game DotA 2
Some couriers play a transport role in the game DotA 2


Supporter must purchase both types of eyes Observe (observing) and Sentry (invisibility detection). If the observer is used to secure a guard in the runes or in the forest to avoid being beaten, sentry will be used to destroy the opponent’s eyes when he determines where they are located.

Join to support your teammates in battle:

In the teamfight, the Supporter had to move very skillfully to preserve his life for the longest time. Always closely follow the mini-map and always carry your Town-Portal ready to meet your teammates.

In a situation of being chased and lost, the supporter must save his teammates at all costs even if sacrificed. Heroes with a decisive role in victory such as carry, ganker need to keep their life so supporters must try to protect them in case of danger.

Solo skills in DotA

DotA game has 5 players per team while there are only 3 lanes so there will definitely be 1 player to play alone. Therefore, soloing is an important skill in controlling the game’s path.

A hero will be solo when needed level up or need farm (earn money by killing soldiers and jungle monsters).

Nukers that do high damage are usually good solo because when they get the required amount of XP they are able to level up faster than other heroes. The stronger the skills of the nukers, the more they can gank (destroy enemy champions) and put pressure on the opponent. These heroes often tend to solo in the mid lane to have access to both the best runes as well as to have the advantage of distance traveled to the other two lanes. Typical heroes for this include Tinker, Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit

Queen of Pain has a tendency to be solo due to its high damage ability
Queen of Pain has a tendency to be solo due to its high damage ability

Heroes are weak at first because they do not have the ability to do great damage like the nukers but later become stronger thanks to items and skills that often go solo. There are some heroes of this type such as: Lone Druid, Morphling, Weaver, Clinkz, etc.

Gank and Roam skills in DotA

Ganker is understood as a hunter, fully capable of quickly ending opponents without having to own too many equipment in the early stages and extremely flexible movement. The scary gankers in DotA must mention that Mirana, Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Timbersaw, Pudge, etc.

“Roam” is a reversal of lanes and kills enemy heroes from the very beginning, giving the team a certain advantage in the first place. A hero suitable for roaming when he has a quick recovery, low mana cost, etc. and does not depend too much on items or level.

Refer to the gank phase of Mirana hero:

Block and escape skills in DotA

The fight is going on right now, teammates need support, but the player’s skill has not finished spinning or normal physical damage is not enough, so use the block skill to hinder the opponent. This is how to create an advantage in both defense and attack. This skill applies to all heroes and does not depend on mana or skill remaining. You can prevent the enemy from escaping, giving your teammates more time to destroy.

The ability to block effectively prevents a champion from hitting close to the enemy like Lycanthrope or Clockwerk. In addition, the player must judge how the opponent will move to interfere. Left spleen and right spleen, correctly judge to get effective block phases.

Lycanthrope has an effective block skill
Lycanthrope has an effective block skill

Lasthit and deny skills in DotA


Last-hit is an action that will kill creeps, heroes, and the enemy’s tower. Finishing creeps will bring a lot of money to heroes in DotA 2. So last hitting is the minimum work each hero can do in each match. If the lane consists of a carrier and a support, the carrier is the one who has the priority to last hits over the supports and focuses on denying creeps on their side as well as attacking the enemy hero.

Auto-attack is the action of the hero automatically attacking the opponent’s target. And of course the success rate of the last hit is greatly reduced, especially when the damage and attack speed of the hero is low. Auto-attack will be more useful late in the game because when the hero has all the items, and is significantly strong, the goal at that time is to kill the enemy creeps quickly to push.

Watch the video of performing the last-hit move in DotA 2:

Denying Unit:

Deny is a move that kills creeps on the player’s side if they have less than 50% HP. Unlike a last hit that only requires a mouse click, the deny requires a combination of A button and a left click on that unit.

Deny creeps are one of the best ways to control the path and gain advantage against the enemy. Not only does it prevent the enemy from getting more money from last hits, dragging enemy creeps back to the tower to have a safer farm, denies also reduce the amount of XP the enemy gets, thereby leveling also low than.

The tower can only be denied when it has less than 10% HP, and when done, the amount of money the enemy can receive will be significantly reduced compared to the amount they can finish.

Denying Hero:

Heroes can also be denied in some cases. Although it doesn’t allow the enemy to gain gold and XP, the denied hero still loses money as usual.

Denies can be obtained by attacking heroes with less than 25% HP and are under the effects of the following skills: Doom’s Doom, Shadow Strike from Queen of Pain, and Venomous Gale from Venomancer. Phoenix while using Super Nova can also deny if his HP while using the skill is below 50%.

Bloodseeker is a hero who has the ability to deny himself and deny his teammates
Bloodseeker is a hero who has the ability to deny himself and deny his teammates

Some heroes also have the ability to deny themselves like Pudge, Alchemist, Abaddon … especially Bane and Bloodseeker can also deny themselves and deny allies with Nightmare or Bloodrage.

See how to deny heroes in the following video:

The above are the basic knowledge about the types of skills that players must apply depending on the situation in the game. Wish you soon grasp the basic information and easily familiarize yourself with this legendary game!

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