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Buying a TV is one thing, choosing a beautiful TV shelf is another. So, how to choose the best TV shelf model, best suited for your room? Let’s find out some tips in the article below!

The TV is the central part of the living room; Therefore, the way you display it is also the way you show your taste. Besides that, TV shelf It will also contribute to the different style of your room. So, when buying a TV shelf, you need to pay attention to what features to beautify your home as well as impress guests.

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1. Harmony with living room space

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Industrial wooden wall mounted TV shelf

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The TV shelf must also match the design style of other furniture. If your living room is designed in a modern style, a glass or metal TV stand will be the best choice. On the other hand, wooden TV shelves will be more suitable for traditionally designed rooms. You also need to consider the size of the room when deciding to buy a TV shelf. If the living room is large enough, you can freely choose any model you like. However, if it has a small space, then you should buy a wall mount instead of a shelf to save space for other essential furniture.

2. TV shelf size

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The size of the TV stand is completely different from the size of the TV you just bought; Therefore, buying a TV stand will become more difficult than ever, because if you buy the wrong one, it will be like a round pot upside down. Basically, the TV stand should be long enough and sturdy enough to ensure the safety of your television. It should also have space to place other ancillary equipment such as DVD players, speakers, power cords, etc.

In terms of height, the center part of the shelf should be at your eye level when sitting. If the shelf is too high or too low, it will also adversely affect the viewing angle. To make the most accurate decision, you can measure with a tape measure or consult the seller.

3. Features of the TV shelf

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Currently, there are many types of TV shelves that are equipped with more compartments below to install other electronic devices, helping to increase the TV viewing experience for you and your loved ones. You should also choose to buy a shelf that allows the most discreet cable, so as not to affect the aesthetics of the room. Some modern cabinets also have radiators for the AV ports on the back of the TV. If financial conditions allow, you should also learn and use this type of cabinet.

4. Price

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Besides the size and design, you should also find a TV shelf that fits your budget. However, this will not help guarantee that your item will be of the best quality. Usually, the price will be equivalent to the quality of the product.

5. Portability

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If you love the new and often move objects in the room to create a new feeling, then you should also choose a TV stand that can be moved. That means you should buy shelves that are as light and easy to carry as possible.
Choosing to buy a TV shelf is not easy when you have to ensure harmony with many different factors, from style, color, size, to features. Hopefully with the above tips, you will choose for yourself a beautiful and satisfactory TV shelf model to turn your room into an ideal place to relax after a stressful working day.

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