How to comment with timeline on YouTube

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The YouTube comment feature with timeline is installed on both phone and computer versions, users can use this feature whenever they need it on any device, but not Everyone knows how to activate and take full advantage of the benefits that this feature brings.

The comment feature with timeline on YouTube is simple and convenient. Other users when see Youtube comments can be clicked to quickly view the prompted video content without having to spend time searching or skipping to the necessary paragraph. Details of commenting with a timeline on YouTube will be detailed by Taimienphi in the content below.

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Comment with timeline on YouTube

Requirements before implementation
– You must have a Youtube account, and be logged in.
– If you do it on a phone, you need to download the YouTube app corresponding to the device.

=> YouTube download link for Android
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=> YouTube download link for iPhone
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– When commenting, it is necessary to enter the exact time to stop the video.

Instructions for commenting with a timeline on YouTube

Method 1: Comment with a timeline on YouTube mobile phone
Step 1: Open the Youtube app on your device, then access the video you want to comment on
Step 2: Play the video, then tap any point on the screen to pause at the exact moment you want to mention in the comment. The stop timestamp will be displayed to the left of the video in the following format Hour minute second .
In the example, Taimienphi stopped the video at time 3 minutes (3:00)

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Step 3: At the YouTube app interface, click arrow button next to the video’s title.
Step 4 : Scroll down to the comment section below the video and find the section Comment .

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Step 5: Click on the item Add a public comment (Public comment). Type in the comment text and the exact time that you pressed stop in the video. After entering the content, click the . button Blue arrow .
In the example, Taimienphi entered something like this: “Watched until 3:00”.
Immediately your comment will be posted with a highlighted blue timeline like the illustration below.

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Method 2: Comment with a timeline on YouTube computer
Step 1 : You open Youtube on your computer browser and find the video you want to watch and comment on.
Step 2: Click play that video and stop at the time you want to mention. As said in Way 1 the stop timestamp will be displayed as Hour minute second . Make sure you stop at the right time.

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Step 3: Scroll down to section Comment below of the video. Import content include the time point where you stopped and then press the . button Comment to post.

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When a comment with a timeline is accepted, the timeline will automatically turn green. Other users can click to go directly to the content you mentioned.

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Recently, Taimienphi showed you how to comment with a timeline on YouTube phones and computers. With this feature, other people will be able to quickly see exactly the specific content at the moment you want to mention, saving time searching and rewinding the video. In addition, if you do not have time to watch videos on youtube, you can also easily download Youtube videos to your computer or phone to watch later, there are many ways to download youtube videos that has guided. Hope this trick will be useful to you.

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