How to climb Arena of Valor rank quickly and effectively

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The fast and effective climbing of the Arena of Valor rank has always been something that many gamers wonder about today, recently, Arena of Valor updated to version 1.31 with a lot of changes, including the gameplay of the generals. .

As you all know, Arena of Valor is a mobile game with a large number of players like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and some other survival games, Arena of Valor has an extremely interesting rank system, the higher the rank, the higher the number of players. The player asserts his position in the fierce MOBA battlefield.

How to climb related rank quickly and easily

Tips to climb rank quickly in Arena of Valor

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Tips and tricks to climb the rank of Arena of Valor quickly and effectively

1. Champion selection

For skilled gamers, choosing a champion to climb rank is a very common thing, but for those who are new to the game or have just passed the “internship” class, this is extremely important. Each general of Arena of Valor has unique skills and positions such as tanker generals, damage generals, support generals … so you need to choose the right general and play the most forehand.

How to climb related rank quickly and understand 2

2. Skills

When playing a general, the first thing you have to know is each attack, each move of your champion, teammates and opponents. There are more than 80 different types of champions (maybe more after each update) and each champion has its own properties, you won’t understand it just by reading it, Taimienphi recommends you try it out to better understand the power of each. type generals before participating in rank matches.

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Some champions are quite strong in the early game, or have very strong damage skill sets, but there are also a few just to go behind, supporting other champions. Therefore, you need to know each skill and champion quality to have the advantage and promote the best effect.

3. Equip

Usually, players in Training or Normal environments build items by default, as suggested by the system. And this should not be when you are in the process of climbing the rank of Arena of Valor. To have maximum power and efficiency in the match, you should consider the opponent’s squad, orient your champion’s items, and counter the opponent’s squad.

How to climb related rank quickly and understand 4

4. Always stay active and push monsters high

With every MOBA game, hitting the opponent is always the number one priority, helping teammates in the main lanes have an advantage over the enemy team. And before moving, should destroy all surrounding soldiers, avoid being pushed lanes for no reason, make sure the 3 lanes of soldiers are pushed to the maximum height, avoid unjustly losing turrets, and let the enemy enter the main building.

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5. Proficient use of communication features

Communicating with teammates is a very necessary thing, you can inform them about the enemy’s position, skill status, cooldown time … to have reasonable tactics, attack any surprised and made the enemy unable to manage in time.

How to climb related rank quickly and understand 6

6. Summoner rune and summoner spells table

In order for champions to have higher stats in each match, you need to equip them with auxiliary gems, appropriate equipment that will optimize the effectiveness of each character.

– Crit Board (Increases crit rate and crit damage)
– Spell Table (Increasing magic damage, magic armor, …)
– Lifesteal Table (Increasing % of lifesteal)

how to climb related rank quickly and understand 7

In addition, the use of secondary skills (also known as auxiliary spells) is also quite important, they can help you win in just 1 HIT shot, 1 health buff or 1 quick turn to avoid skills. But if you don’t know how to use them, they also bring many deadly dangers, please grasp and use them carefully.

Above are some of Taimienphi’s fastest and most effective tips and tricks for climbing the rank of Arena of Valor. If these are applied correctly, we firmly believe that climbing to the Elite rank is completely possible.
Currently, gamers can play Arena of Valor on PC with Android emulators, How to play Arena of Valor on Bluestacks 4 The ones we mentioned in previous articles will help you avoid the possibility of wearing out your phone, damaging the battery, and they also bring many extremely attractive experiences.

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