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Recently, Garena Arena of Valor VN has given gamers a lot of equipment and costumes, and the Alice in Wonderland skin is the next gift that players can receive after updating to version 1.31, version latest game Arena of Valor.

The success of version 1.31 Arena of Valor is to bring gamers Moren Gift Workshop with many promises, giving champion skins, avatar frames and extremely attractive dances completely free.


Get Free Alice Wonderland skin in Mobile Alliance

How to get Free skin Alice in Wonderland Arena of Valor

After updating Arena of Valor 1.31, gamers access the Moren Gift Factory, at the main interface you can get 4 free items including 1 Alice Wonderland skin, 1 Avatar Frame 2 Dances. The event period takes place from September 26 to October 18, after that time you will not receive any more. If you don’t have the game, please follow the link below, choose the appropriate OS

– Link to download Android version: Arena of Valor for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Arena of Valor for iPhone

Free Alice

To get Alice in Wonderland Arena of Valor for free, players need to complete 3 daily missions and complete weekly missions. Taimienphi estimates that it only takes 8 days for gamers to own all 4 of the above gifts from NPH Garena Arena of Valor VN, just need to work hard to follow the following steps.

– Complete 3 daily missions (login, join 1 match and win 1 match) will receive 15 points/day (each mission: 5 points). In total, every week gamers accumulate 105 points.
– Complete 2 weekly missions (random content) will receive 40 points/week.

Free Alice
Thus, after only 8 days of hard work, gamers have owned Alice in Wonderland Arena of Valor for free without much effort. Accompanying with Garena VN, currently the Indonesian server is allowing players to receive Firefighter Moren Arena of Valor skin all free.

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