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Super Mario Run has 3 main game modes, each with different challenges, extremely attractive and interesting. If you love this game, you can refer to these quick start Guide below, for details about each game mode, how to join and the rewards received.

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The three game modes of Super Mario Run are: World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. These game modes all have different difficulty levels and can be played Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

With the exception of Kingdom Builder, players participating in the World Tour will receive Rally Tickets and use it to continue participating in Toad Rally.

World Tour game mode in the game Super Mario Run

World Tour World Travel is a game mode quite similar to practice mode. With 6 Worlds, each World has 4 levels and is designed in different styles and levels (Caverns, Ghost House, Plains …), players will have an interesting experience.

In particular, you can play a level, a screen many times, if you want to accumulate experience or break your own record (because the mode only records the highest score).

Main interface World Tour mode

How to join:

  • From the main interface, you touch the game mode Tour and overcome the challenges in the post.

Conditions and how to play:

  • Overcome challenges and go home (jump on the flagpole).
  • Do not let the character die more than twice.
  • Must complete the game screen within the allotted time.
  • Try to eat a lot Purple Coins (gold coins) and collect enough Pink Coins (5 purple coins) to upgrade your castle and participate in Toad Rally.

Play Home
How to play World Tour mode

Toad Rally game mode in the game Super Mario Run

Considered the game mode Multiplayer Unique in the game, Toad Rally allows you to compete and race directly against another player in the World or your friends on the roster.

How to join:

  • From the main interface, you select the red “pipe” (Rally) to enter this mode.
  • There will be a random list of “competitors” for you to choose from.
  • When a competitor is selected and entered the competition, the participant will be defeated Minus one Rally ticket (Rally Tickets).
  • The higher the score of the competition, the harder it is to pass, and vice versa.

Toad Rally Play
When playing Toad Rally, you will see your opponent’s “shadow” appear along with your character

Conditions and rules of play:

  • There are at least 1 Rally Tickets to participate.
  • It was a race, but Toad Rally didn’t compete to see who was faster, but instead who earns more coins. That means the only thing you need to care about when participating in this regime, is to eat lots of coins.
  • Also, do lots of performance (called Move Stylish) to increase Rush Mode (star-shaped energy bar above). Because when it is full, a blue star will appear, you “eat” this star and on your way, there are loads of coins everywhere.
  • Out of time, the system will calculate the score and decide the result.
  • The winner will be added with a Red Toad. And of course, if you lose, you will be deducted.
  • When your Red Toad reaches a certain point, it will attract other colored Toads to join your Kingdom.

Score calculation Reward
Try to win to earn lots of Toads

Kingdom Builder mode game Super Mario Run

This is a pretty “peaceful” game mode, because you do not need to run hard to overcome any hordes of ghosts, nor do you need to try to collect coins (because in fact, there is no place). Kingdom Builder is a game mode where we can build houses and decorate them with items that can be purchased in Shop.

How to join:

  • This mode is indicated by house shape in the main interface.

Builder Mode Buy house

Conditions and rules of play:

Use the options available to build your own Kingdom, including:

  • Shop: A place to “buy” the buildings available for use or decoration in the game.
  • Place: An option to help choose a location to place your shop-bought buildings in your castle.
  • Move: Moving, changing the location of works.
  • Put Away: Eliminate any construction.

In the Shop also has some of the following items:

  • Decorations: Selling colorful decorations for the player’s castle, such as mushrooms, plants, flowers, grass …
  • Buildings: Built-in works. In particular, each of these works is a different mini game with unexpected rewards.
  • Special: More special effects to make your Kingdom more splendid.

However, to buy these works is not easy at all, because they require a very rich and varied number of Toads.

Christmas tree The kingdom is decorated
It is not easy to buy items in the Shop

The three Super Mario Run game modes are quite different and give the feel of three titles in one. Although the “non-stop running” gameplay is really quite dry and less attractive, Super Mario Run is different, with eye-catching color interface, lovely images and unexpected challenges, making players feel a differences from previous games of the same type.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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