Tips to play Megapolis build the dream city

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In the Megapolis simulation game, building a city and maintaining a stable economy is difficult, but with tips Megapolis Share below, you can easily and smoothly build and develop your dream city.

Megapolis is one of the most popular city building games today, where players can build their own custom city, make friends, trade materials and more. The game includes world-famous structures from ancient times to moderns for you to explore and build.


How to play Megapolis on phone.

Megapolis is not a simple construction simulation game but it also comes with tactical and strategic elements. Therefore, to help you build and develop your city in the most effective way, will share with you the following 6 useful Megapolis tips.

Tips to play Megapolis build the dream city

1. Focus on population development

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Population growth in Megapolis is very important because more people moving to your city means you will earn more taxes. Initially, the game limits the number of residents living in your city to a certain extent, and you can raise the population limit over time to attract more people to your city by how to build many different types of architecture that are not just housing, such as entertainment areas, supermarkets, movie theaters …

2. Complete missions and challenges

Quests, challenges or mini-games in Megapolis are not too important, but the more missions and challenges you complete, the more opportunities you will have to unlock new buildings and buildings, earn coins and EXP, as well as receive special rewards.

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3. Pay attention to taxes

Collecting taxes is the best way to make money in the game, and you can start raising your tax dollars when you finish building the Tax Office. However, you certainly wouldn’t want to tax your residents at exorbitant rates. Like in real life, the high tax rate makes people dissatisfied. A reasonable tax rate will help raise the population cap and attract more people to move to your city.

4. Don’t be afraid to communicate with other players

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Megapolis has a social element, allowing you to add friends. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you have to build important structures at low cost. You can also visit your friends’ cities to learn from building experiences and giving gifts to each other.

5. Upgrade production facilities regularly

Upgrading buildings will help your city grow stronger. You should focus on upgrading your production facilities before thinking of expanding the city for a stable source of income and using the money to invest in other areas.

6. Invest in parks and monuments

These tourist attractions may seem unimportant to newcomers, but you’ll want to invest in them because by doing so, you will have more money in your account, gain experience points and increase gender population term.

Megapolis challenges your ability to build and manage your city with tough economic problems. Hope the tips to play Megapolis shared in the article will help you somewhat in your dream city journey.

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