The fastest way to 5-star wanted in GTA V

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In GTA 5, police chases, wanted stars indicate how good you are in dealing with the police. GTA V players who reach 5 wanted stars are considered a notorious crime, hunted down by lots of police cars, helicopters and even tanks.

If you want to challenge yourself with police cars and tanks, here is what you need to do to get up to 5 wanted stars in GTA V fastest, the higher the level of the wanted the police pursuit, the harder it is. This makes the player feel excited during the endless run without command

The 5-star way in the fastest gta v

Get 5 Stars Wanted Level In GTA 5

Tips to play Grand Theft Auto 5 fastest wanted star increase

Although it is an old feature, it will be harder to escape when the player has 5-star wanted in GTA V, because the police will be smarter, there are many new technical equipment to catch you. If you are ready to challenge yourself with this highest wanted level, Mavericks police and even tanks, these are the crimes you need to break to become the most wanted gangster boss. best of the world:
– Continue to attack and take down as many civilians as possible
– Attack law enforcement, destroy more police
– Robbing and destroying vehicles from cars, planes, boats … in large numbers, as much as possible.
– Make the runway of Los Santos airport ignite with missiles.

5-star access in the fastest gta v 2

In addition to the above steps, there is also a 5-star wanted way in GTA V fastest to put you on a tense chase, break into Zancudo Fortress and steal Lazer Jet, you’re sure to create chaos. Immediately messed up.

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Above is how to play Grand Theft Auto 5 up the fastest wanted star, spice up your game. Get ready to be the most wanted criminal right now with Taimienphi ‘tips, it’s time to make your wish come true. Alternatively you can also play GTA 5 on your phone using the Steam Link app, refer to the link below for more details.

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