How to cheat game safely using WeMod

Cheat game an toàn bằng WeMod

WeMod will help you cheat game in an extremely simple way. Here it is manual WeMod cheat game safe.

Safe cheat game by WeMod

Download WeMod

Cheat game Usually used when the player gets stuck or is unable to get past certain stages. If you are in that situation and want to have the power to “destroy” every game, then please download WeMod right.

How to cheat game safely using WeMod

Hack game (Game Trainer)

Game trainers are programs that can modify games to give the player ultimate power. They can start from cheating infinite ammunition, adjusting the pitch of the jump or the teleport function …

However, many people dislike the idea of ​​game trainers for two reasons:

  • They are pirated, unofficial and often contain viruses.
  • They disrupt the balance in multiplayer games.

That is why you should download game trainers from trusted sources and never use them in multiplayer games if you do not want to be banned forever. However, if you use them in case of need, your gaming pleasure will increase many times, and at the same time, they also allow you to expand your gameplay or turn yourself into a god in the virtual world.

WeMod fixes the first of the two reasons mentioned above by acting as a safe source for thousands of hacking ways in a variety of games. This tool does not restrict you from using in multiplayer games, however, do not do so because you may be banned by the developer at any time.

And if you accept the risk, please refer to the steps safe cheat game by WeMod down here.

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Use WeMod cheat game

Outstanding features of WeMod

  • Mod support over 1,000 single-player PC games from first-person shooter, role-playing to real-time strategy. In addition, WeMod continuously adds new titles every week.
  • Automatically detect the game and pair it with one of the corresponding cheats on WeMod’s platform. Users do not need to guess anymore.
  • Control by smartphone: No second screen? WeMod supports remote controls, making it easier for users to activate cheat games.
  • Easy to navigate thanks to the cheat control system, mod with slider, buttons, drop-down menu …
  • Safe with no viruses or dangerous downloadable components. Using WeMod, you don’t need to download cheat from strange websites.

Install WeMod

Go to the homepage, click the WeMod download link (Windows only) on the first page.

Download WeMod from the homepage

Run the file you just downloaded to install WeMod on your computer.

Install WeMod

If the system has a firewall set up, make sure to create rules for granting Internet access to WeMod, otherwise it will not be able to download any game hack.

Allow WeMod to connect to the Internet

That’s it, you’re ready to use WeMod for your favorite game.

Start cheat game with WeMod

Maybe the first thing you see when running WeMod is an ad offering to upgrade to the Premium version. Feel free to register for this service if you want. We will skip this step, close it with the click of a button Close (x) at the top right of the window.

Advertise on WeMod

WeMod will take you on a tour of everything in its interface. Please patiently follow. Then we can start cheat game.

WeMod interface

Go to tab Games. Here, you will see a complete list of WeMod games that support the hack.

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Games tab on WeMod

Select one of the compatible games from the list on the left.

Select the game you want to cheat on WeMod

WeMod’s homepage will update information about the selected game and, at the same time, offer different options depending on which game you have on Steam, Origin or GOG.

The article uses Crysis for example. Here is only one game hack for it from author Mr. Antifun. Click on this game trainer.

The game hack is available on WeMod

Before activating any cheat, you must activate the game first. Press the button Play in the top right corner to open it.

Open the game on WeMod

You may have a supported version of the game installed, but for some reason WeMod doesn’t detect it. In this case, click the button Play In the right corner, press the down arrow and select “Add Custom Installation. ” You can also drag & drop its executable (.exe) into the box as shown below to import the game into WeMod.

Customize the game on WeMod

Use cheat

The above action lets you open two screens or run the game in one window so you can see WeMod next to it. If not, download the game first but do not participate in any action.

Upload the game to WeMod

Press Alt + Tab to go back to WeMod. Press the button Play to play. Pay attention to the hotkeys that correspond to each cheat – that’s how you enable / disable them. You can click on any hotkey to reallocate their tasks as desired. Once done, press Alt + Tab to return to the game.

Playing games on WeMod is easy

Use predefined shortcuts to activate the corresponding cheat.

Safe cheat game by WeMod

It’s done! Now enjoy super power and play your favorite game in a new angle. Although not a mainstream game, using cheat games can add to the fun.

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Hope the article is useful to you!

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