Top most popular werewolf games

The article will summarize the most popular werewolf games on devices such as PCs, phones, tablets …

Top most popular werewolf games

Among Us

Download Among Us

Among us is a very famous werewolf game and has the largest number of players in the werewolf games. At the present time, this game is still “storming” the world with extremely attractive gameplay and full of entertainment.


Agrou is an online werewolf game with surprisingly basic gameplay. All players will gather around the fire, using their own tactics and skills to spot the werewolves lurking in the village. Despite the very simple graphics and gameplay, Agrou is extremely attractive and difficult for you to take your eyes off.


Download Deceit

Deceit is an extremely popular werewolf game on Steam exclusively for PC. With an extremely creepy game interface, the werewolves are designed as zombie monsters ready to kill players at any time, this is considered the most creepy werewolf game but also extremely attractive and dramatic. count.

Project Winter

Project Winter is a survival game in the cold land, where players have to find ways to survive such as hunting, gathering, collecting items, seeking shelter … while having to face the traitors. Underground multipliers in the team. These guys will find all kinds of ways to mess, destroy and prevent players from getting on the plane to escape.

WereWolf Online

Download WereWolf Online

WereWolf Online is a classic werewolf game. You can play WereWolf Online on PC, Android or iOS with a similar interface. WereWolf Online is quite easy to play because the game manipulation is quite basic and like the werewolf board game. The strength of the game is the number of participants up to 16 people, increasing the drama and appeal of the game.

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Wish you have fun playing the game!

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