How to earn and use diamonds in the game Minecraft

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Diamonds in the game Minecraft are not only materials for crafting, but it also gives players many other values. However, what is a diamond? How to earn diamonds in Minecraft? How to use diamonds in Minecraft to be most effective? That is one of the problems that we will solve together in the following article.

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Diamonds in this Open World game can be recognized quite simply. Not only has value (gems), but it is also the main material to create objects and weapons to help players overcome the challenges of Minecraft simply and easily.

Raw diamond ore

How to earn diamonds while playing Minecraft

Diamonds can be obtained from a variety of sources, each with certain proportions such as fortresses (ratio 19.2%), temples in the desert (6.3%), villages forging. (16.3% rate), or in the temple in the woods (15.5% rate) … In addition, Minecraft players can also get diamonds by mining raw ore mines, Craft from large diamonds or use a crafting recipe (see article “How to earn diamonds in the game Minecraft“for details).

Classification of diamonds in the game Minecraft

In Minecraft, diamonds are divided into three main types, including: crude diamond ore, ordinary diamonds (refined from raw ore) and solid diamonds (made up of many ordinary diamonds).

Use diamonds

Raw diamond ore:

A form of material that can be found in mining or caves. As in reality, diamond ore has many minerals other than diamonds, so it is classified as the most difficult block to craft and use in Minecraft game.

Players can use iron hoes (or diamond hoes, if any) to mine these mines and then use their own refined formula, to “separate” diamonds from other minerals. Of course, you will need certain costumes and tools to do this, like:

  • Iron pickaxe, diamond pickaxe (if any).
  • Bucket.
  • An ore furnace.
  • Weapons (swords, armor, hats …) because it is possible that you will encounter mobs.
  • Other cave exploration tools (torches, ropes …).

Regular diamonds:

How to get diamonds

Diamond form “raw” (the original form after being refined from diamond ores in the mines) has not been articulated. This is also the most popular diamond form in the game Minecraft and is the main material for many tools, tools, and weapons in the game.

Diamonds can often be obtained by:

  • Find in nature. On average, there are more than 3,000 diamond ore mines in each region, each with varying proportions and number of minable diamonds.
  • Mining (although the rate of direct receipt is not high).
  • Crafted from large diamond blocks.
  • Refined from crude diamond ore.

Diamond block:

Is a block (block), made up of 9 diamonds that are often assembled. One special thing is that players can freely adjust (3×3 block minimum), be it 5×5, 7×7 or 9×9 and not necessarily all diamonds, but it could be another gem , emeralds, gold or even iron …

Effects of diamonds in the game Minecraft

The main effect of diamond is to become materials in the manufacture of weapons (swords, armor, hats, shoes …), daily living tools (axes, hoes, shovels …) .

The effects of diamonds

In addition, it can also be used as a decoration (solid diamonds).

Products made from diamonds

Or used to make other objects (gramophone, jewelry box …).


Another diamond effect is its use in the exchange, trade, and repair of other objects made from it.

That is some information about the diamond and its general usage in the game Minecraft. You can also refer back to some articles about making toys while playing this game such as:

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