Cyberpunk 2077 develops multiplayer mode, some people are happy, some people are worried

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Recently developer CD Projekt Red announced the development plan Cyberpunk 2077 next time. On the official Twitter, the company also confirmed that after the game is released there will be more free DLC and singleplayer DLC, and soon after that will be the content of the multiplayer mode.

CD Projekt Red also revealed that the multiplayer mode is still in development. Near the game’s release date, a part of the game’s development staff has switched to exploiting this new mode. To expand the development process, CD Projekt Red will also recruit more positions including designer, programmer…​


After this news was announced, many players felt quite excited because they could experience the same thing with their friends, but there was also a part that felt dissatisfied because the developer added added a multiplayer mode to Cyberpunk 2077. They left a comment under the developer’s announcement, and hoped that the developer would abandon this plan.​


A player with the username FOGBRAIN worried that the multiplayer mode would rarely use the development resources of the singleplayer mode, thereby leading to the quality of the single player campaign going down, not enough to meet the requirements of the player. gamers. At the same time, there are also players who think that, there are very few games that excel at both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, they do not expect CD Projekt Red to sacrifice the quality of the single player mode.

There are also many gamers who do not want Cyberpunk 2077 to become a second GTA Online. GTA Online brings Take-Two a huge revenue of more than 1 billion USD a year, but because it encourages players to recharge, it has received a lot of criticism from gamers.


Before the worries of gamers, CD Projekt Red is committed to giving priority to single-player experiences, if not suitable, the company will not release multiplayer mode anymore, and at the same time, promises that all the content in the game will be the same. will be of the highest quality. This is also considered as a medicine to calm fans down from anxiety.​

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