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Currently, Minecraft is still holding the first position in the list of popular multiplayer games because of its diversity and extremely interesting customization. Players can change from Minecraft game mode to another game mode with just a few taps, sometimes using commands.

As fish you know, Minecraft is the title adventure game explore the large open world that was released quite a long time ago, the game is constantly updated with many different Minecraft game modes, such as building super cars, building houses … a lot of interesting mods taste.

the fastest way to change the cover due to minecraft game mode

Adventure game to explore the square world

Instructions to change modes, the fastest Minecraft game mode

1. Minecraft’s existing game modes

Minecraft has 3 main game modes and 2 less played sub mod modes including:

– Creative
– Survival
– Adventure
– Spectator
– Hardcore

2. How to change game mode in Minecraft

In order for the transition between Minecraft modes and game modes to be stable, you need to upgrade the game to the latest version, follow the steps correctly and sequentially. Taimienphi is confident you will succeed.

A) How to switch to Creative Minecraft mode

This is a pretty popular game mode if you’ve been playing Minecraft, you can find them in the early game interface when you first launch. When setting up the game, click Play =>Create New =>Create New World => go to drop-down menu Default Game Mode and select mode Creative, game mode Minecraft.
– In addition, you can also use the command to change the Minecraft game mode, which is much more convenient by changing it manually.
+ /gamemode creative
+ /gamemode 1

the fastest way to change the cover due to minecraft game mode 2

B) Change to Survival Minecraft mode

Survival is a mode that is not available in Minecraft setup options, you need to do some of the same operations as Creative then have to use the command /gamemode to change the game mode.
– Click Play => Create New => Create New World, then select Default Game Mode => Creative.
– Then use the command /gamemode survival or /gamemode 0 to change Minecraft mode.

C) Change to Adventure Minecraft mode

Like Survival, Adventure mode is not available while creating new maps or game modes in Minecraft. Instead, you need to manually switch to Adventure mode using the command once the game has started. Minecraft Adventure mode allows you to limit what others can do.
Play => Create New => Create New World => Default Game Mode => Creative– Use command /gamemode adventure or /gamemode 2 to change the Minecraft game mode.

D) Change to Hardcore and Spectator mode

– Hardcore Minecraft: To create a Minecraft Hardcode game mode, at the top of the initialization screen Create New World click select game mode Hardcore. Note Allow Cheats and Bonus Chest is not available here and the map will be deleted if your initialization fails. Minecraft Hardcode is the hardest game mode and you cannot switch to any other game mod than Spectator while playing it.

the fastest way to change the cover due to minecraft game mode 3

– Spectator Minecraft:
+ As noted above, Spectator mode can be accessed after the player joins the mode Hardcore Minecraft by pressing the key combination F3+Women after death (press the key combination to switch back to the game mode)
+ In addition to switching to Spectator Minecraft game mode, there is another way, using the command /gamemode spectator or equal to /gamemode 3

Hopefully with the guide to changing modes, Taimienphi’s Minecraft game mode will help you switch between game modes faster, more convenient in experience. Also if you have Screen hangs when opening Minecraft then follow Taimienphi’s instructions, make sure to completely fix this situation.
To play the game more interesting, you can use more Minecraft Mods We have summarized in the previous article.

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