Rust gaming keyboard shortcut

Similar to Hot games like PUBG, Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile VNG, Rust also has its own shortcut system to help players control and manipulate the game much faster. So invite you to follow the list of Rust game shortcuts in the article below:

Rust PC

List of shortcut to play game Rust PC

W: Move forward

S: Back to back

A: Move left

D: Move right

F: Turn on or off the light

E: Interaction with objects, vehicles, the environment

R: Reload for weapons, rotate directions when building houses

V: Voice chat

Q: Open the craft tab

G: Hold ring to see a map

T or Enter: Chat

Chuột trái: Attack

Chuột phải: Offensive (sub)

Space (spacebar): Jump

Ctrl: Sit down

Left Shift (left Shift key): Run fast

Nhấn Alt + di chuyển chuột: Change camera view

Tab: Open the inventory

1 đến 6: Select tools, weapons

Nút cuộn của chuột: Choose fast food

Page Up: Turn music on or off

F1: Turn on the console

Please keep in mind the above Rust shortcuts, for faster, easy, fast action to win the game!

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