Free Fire: The schedule for the 2021 Spring Survival Arena

Garena Free Fire has officially announced the cooperation with the Yomost brand to organize the Spring Survival Arena 2021. This is the biggest professional tournament in the first half of 2021 of the Free Fire electronic sport.

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Free Fire: The schedule of the 2021 Spring Survival Arena

Awards of the Spring Survival Arena 2021

The 2021 Spring Survival Arena has a total prize value of up to 2.5 billion VND. The reason for such a high value award (500 million VND more than last year’s award) is due to the sponsorship of the Yomost brand. Increasing the prize money for the prize will increase the competition for the tournament and attract more interested audiences.

Specifically, the prize levels will include:

  • Rank 1: 850 million VND
  • Rank 2: 350 million VND
  • 3rd place: 200 million dong
  • 4th place: 175 million dong
  • Grade 5-6: VND 130 million
  • Rank 7-8: VND 80 million
  • Rank 9-10: VND 60 million
  • Rank 11-12: VND 45 million
  • Rank 13-15: VND 25 million
  • Rank 16-18: VND 20 million

In addition, teams with good performance will also win valuable prizes from sponsor Yomost.

Schedule of the 2021 Spring Survival Arena

The 2021 Spring Survival Arena will include 3 phases: Group Stage, Play-Off Round and Final Round.

  • Group stage will be from January 23 to March 5: Participating in the competition consists of 18 teams, of which 12 teams are selected from the Yomost Promotion Round of the 2021 Spring Survival Arena and 6 relegation teams from the Match Winter Survival School 2020. Every day of the competition, there will be 12 teams from 2 groups competing to find the best 6 representatives to reach the Finals.
  • Play-off round This will take place over 2 days from March 6 to March 7, including the bottom teams of the group stage to compete against each other and select the remaining 6 tickets for the Final Round.
  • Final round will take place on March 21. The championship team will win prizes up to 850 million VND and win tickets to the final round of the Free Fire world tournament. The 2nd tier team will also win the right to participate in the qualifiers.
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2021 Spring Survival Arena Free Fire is the place to compete for the top teams in Vietnam. Let’s look forward to and watch this tournament together!

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