How to build the strongest Teamfight Tactics Demon squad

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Demon is often overlooked by many players because they don’t know how useful the Demon squad’s power really is, Demon-sourced champions are the ones who directly make up the other ultimate builds. Not only that, the Demon general has an extremely large amount of damage.

In this tutorial on how to build the strongest Teamfight Tactics Demon squad, we’ll introduce the strongest Demon team composition and how to choose the best champion, in line with the Demon’s core setup.

How to build a monster image in the first place?

Use the Demon formation to effectively burn the opponent’s mana

Buff Demon Received

Demon’s basic attacks have a chance to burn (destroy) all of the enemy’s current mana with each hit, and deal direct damage based on the opponent’s mana burned.
– (2) Demon: 30% Chance to burn enemy’s mana.
– (4) Demon: 50% Chance to burn enemy’s mana.
– (6) Demon: 70% Chance to burn enemy’s mana.

Tactics to build Demon Arena of Truth

1. Early Game
Demons can appear very early in the game and you should be able to use them relatively easily. The core Demon group for early game will be: Elise, Varus, Evelynn, Aatrox and Morgana. Although Elise is a really weak champion in the current state of Teamfight Tactics, she will prove her worth until you get Swain, the 6 Demon. There isn’t much skill involved in building a Demon squad, you simply need to keep buying and upgrading any Demon units that appear. Once you’ve got Brand, it’s time to level up to level 6 and put him in, (6) Demon synergy.

How to build the best monster image 2

2. Mid Game
During the mid game, not a lot of interesting things happen with Demon builds. All you have to do is go to level 6 and get Brand, bring him in to get the (6) Demon buff, which burns the enemy’s Mana down even faster. After you have 6 Demons: Varus, Elise, Evelynn, Aatrox, Morgana and Brand, your next goal is to keep improving the economy and leveling up and combining units.

Don’t rush to level 7 because all you can do is put Lissandra on the field, so unless you can (economically) push to level 8, just focus on raising Level up troops to 3 stars.

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3. Late Game
As you approach the late game, there are tons of potential upgrades and team synergies you can use. With (6) Demon at the core of this party composition, your goal is to get to level 8 as quickly as possible and add Lissandra & Kennen in for the 3 Elementalist buff (you’ll want to replace Kennen with Anivia, though. as soon as you get her). Finally, add Ashe at level 9 for the (2) Glacial and (2) Ranger buffs, make sure to equip the correct item to maximize her freezing ability.

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The strongest Demon builds include: Varus, Evelynn, Aatrox, Morgana, Swain, Brand, Lissandra, Anivia and Ashe. If you can somehow get the Forces of Nature then add Gnar & Shyvana to the party for (3) Shapeshifter synergy as it will make up your 1v9 Swain.
If you found this guide to building the strongest Teamfight Tactics Demon squad useful, please share this strategy with your friends. In case you have any questions about the lineup, be sure to leave a comment below. Also you need to know some Tricks to win the Arena of Truth, make a habit of checking what your opponent is doing, drawing up a reasonable strategy to win against a strong opponent.

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