What’s new in the Dota Underlords 13/7 update? What is ProtoPass?

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In the latest update of Dota Underlords on July 13, there is a Battle Pass, called Proto Pass. Players can join matches and go on quests, receiving new banners, emojis, and board types.

Recently, Valve has released the latest updated version of Dota Underlords with many modifications to make the game more balanced and attractive, along with the appearance of Proto Pass making the gaming community even more. more eager than ever.

What is your password for dota underlords 13 7 dota underlords

Dota Underlords Latest Version Appears Proto Pass

Dota Underlords Update July 13

1. Proto Pass

Proto Battle Pass is a series of Battle Pass missions with a certain time, when players complete a certain goal, or reach a certain level, they will receive corresponding rewards. Rewards are also divided into 2 forms, free and paid.

What is your password for dota underlords 13 7 dota underlords

For players who spend money owning Proto Battle Pass will receive rewards many times larger than free, they are currently in beta and players do not need to pay a fee to own the game. This new feature of Dota Underlords.

What is your password for dota underlords 13 7 dota underlords

Players who participate and complete the Proto Battle Pass mission can receive many rewards such as new arenas, banners, emoticons, Win Streak effects and extremely unique champion revival effects.. ..

What is your password for dota underlords 13 7 dota underlords

2. Dota Underlords July 13 Update Contents

A) Heroes
– Fixed an issue where Venomancer’s “disciple” had -50% magic resistance instead of 50% magic resistance. (error shows false).
– Fixed Disruptor, skill not being affected after the hero dies.
– Gyrocopter no longer targets champions that are knocked down by Tiny.
– Medusa
+ Split Shot: Changed splash shot from 3 to 2
+ Ignore targets that are out of Medusa’s attack range.
– Ax: This guy’s skill has changed from displaying Silent to officially being Silent.

B) Items
– Fixed Big-time Contract sometimes not applied.
– Aegis changed: only no health loss, Win streak is affected.
– Fixed the issue of Divine Rapier when starting combat.
– Tooth and Claw now has the appropriate cast time.
– Fix Silver Lining issue.
– Fixed missing name for Eidolons.
– Fix Wicked Intent.
– Fixed an issue where the numbers would jump randomly when activating Items.
– Fixed Blink Dagger bug.
– Coordinated Assault no longer stacks together.

C) General change
– Improved Scoreboard interface.
– At the end of the game, the table, show items and races will be displayed.
– At the end of the game, an overview scoreboard will be displayed.
– Improved UI and fixed aspect ratio, device difference.
– Expanded on the change at the end of the match: The battle time will continue after all of your troops (or enemies) are destroyed, increased by 5 seconds.
– Fixed an issue where Neutral didn’t correctly display stats in unit stats when draining health.
– Fixed an issue where champions stun with short duration spells (like Clockwerk’s mini-stun) would allow champions to attack exactly as their attack speed stat.
– Increased accuracy of high rank matchmaking system (Big Boss)

D) Alliance
– Apply buff effects to summoned creatures.
– Fixed the display of the stats of the Clans.
– Warlock Alliance no longer drains health while activating items.

E) Change the design on mobile
– Users can now use Invisible mode on Steam system, even on Mobile version.
– Many performance improvements on both iOS and Android platforms.

The above are the details included in the latest update on the 13th day of the game Dota Underlords, now players can perform the Proto Pass quest and receive many rewards from the game, the method is applied. pretty much in Vavel’s Dota 2 game and The International 2019 As a good example, The international 2019 is a big tournament with huge prize money coming from Battle Pass released in Dota game.

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