How to become a famous singer in BitLife

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To become famous singer in BitLife It is not that simple. When there are hundreds of opponents, other players are also looking at this “position”. Read and refer to the following article of for details.

With Pop Star, update BitLife, players will have the opportunity to develop their singing talent and vocal ability and become famous singers in the game.

the sound of the famous singer in the game bitlife

Guide to becoming a singer in BitLife

1. Improving vocals in BitLife

Improving vocals is one of the “paramount” factors, especially if you want to become a famous singer in BitLife. To improve your voice, you first visit Activities tab, choose Mind & Body.

Next scroll down to find and select the option that allows you to learn vocal and improve your voice training skills. To improve vocals in the game, the only way is to learn as much as possible.

Important Note: The minimum age to start taking lessons is 6 years. Also from the age of 6 – under 18 years old, players will be free to join the lessons. If you are 18 years old, players will have to pay a fee equivalent to 500 USD / time.

2. How to become a famous singer in BitLife

Here are some important notes that you need to understand to become a famous singer in BitLife:

– Make sure you are 18 years old.
– Next access tab Occupation (occupation) =>Special Careers (special occupation) =>Musician (musician) =>Solo Artist (Solo artist) and choose singer (singer).

How to become a famous singer in Bitlife

As mentioned above, to become a celebrity, a famous singer in BitLife requires players to have a good voice.

Once these skills have been fully met, you have access tab Occupation (career), scroll down to find and click select tab Special Careers (special occupation) =>Professional musician (professional musician).

Here there are options that allow you to join a band or become a solo singer. If you join a band, you do not have the right to choose the genre of music you want to sing, which genre depends on the band you join.

Conversely, if you choose the Solo artist option, you can register for 3 different levels. In case if your voice catches the “blue eye” of a certain record label, they may call and deal with you. However, to be able to meet the requirements of the company, the most important thing is that your voice must be good, and therefore you need to practice as much voice as possible.

Link to download the latest BitLife:

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If you don’t know how to install and play BitLife You can refer to and follow the instructions here to know the steps.

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