How to register Raid on your phone

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Raid is a highly entertaining shooter shown through engaging and dramatic gun battles. To experience Game Raid Requires player to register at clause. It’s pretty straightforward, though, and the great thing about it is that in addition to your PC, you can also sign up for Raid on your phone.

Assault Currently a lot of gamers love, especially those who love action games, marksmanship in the virtual world. However, after being transferred to VTC Online, the Raid account registration has also changed. This article will guide you on how to register a Raid right on your own smart phone.

how to register on your phone

Create raid nick by phone

How to register Raid on your phone

Step 1: You access the Raid homepage here
Step 2: On the Raid home page, enter the button Registration.

how to register on your phone

Step 3: Next click the item Sign up for a GoPlay account.

how to register the dot-click game on your phone

Step 4: Fill in the boxes, including:

Account: Raid username, new account name from 6 to 30 characters and contains no special characters.
password: Raid game account login password (with case sensitive to Chinese and Normal).
Confirm password: Re-enter your password.
Mobile: Your phone number.
Email: Your Email address (used to verify or retrieve your password when needed).

how to register on your phone

Step 5: After creating your account, you will be asked to verify the account you just created, you click Agree.

How to register on Android

Step 6: Authenticate OTP, compose a message according to the instructions of the VTC game publisher.

how to register on iPhone

Wait a few seconds for the OTP and a second level password (MKC2) will be sent to your mobile phone number.

how to register on your phone

Enter the OTP in the box Enter OTP receive and press Confirm.

How to register with dot mark on your phone 8

Here is the message after you have successfully confirmed:

how to register on your phone 9

Step 7: Add personal information.

After successful confirmation, you will be redirected to the account management page. Here, you select the information item, immediately the information sheet will appear for you. Now you can adjust your phone number, full name, address, CMT … as well as what’s related to your account.

How to register with dot mark on your phone 10
So you have completed the registration of your Raid account through your phone. Also, for the security of your account, you should regularly change your password. The way to change the password is quite simple and you can also do it on a computer and mobile device like a phone or tablet.

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