How to become a Developer in Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art allows players to participate in game development as a programmer. Here it is how to become a programmer in Mini World.

How to become a Developer in Mini World: Block Art

Mini World developer role verification

To became a programmer in Mini World: Block ArtYou need to receive an invitation letter from the developer. If received, congratulations on completing the important first step. Now just click on the following address: and go to verify Developer in the development center.

Accessing the Developer Center, you have two login options. You can choose to receive verification codes in the game or use your account login password.

Login to your Mini World developer account

Then you need to fill in the registration information.

Fill out the registration information on the form

Email: You need to enter the mailbox address associated with the game account. If you forgot your email, check it out in Mini World.

Manage UID in Mini World Block Art

Verification Code: After entering your email address, click Send CodeYou will receive a verification code in your email.

After completing the validation steps, you will become a real programmer of Mini World: Block Art. Not only can you set up a map store, get technical guidance and operational support from the company, you can also monetize your own maps.

Use developer permissions

Developer Store setup

1. Click the button Developer Store.

Create a shop for programmers Mini World Block Art

2. Add products.

Click the button Add to enter the product configuration interface. (Share the map before adding the product. If you do not want to show it to others, you can share the map in private mode.)

Welding doors in Mini World Block Art

Click the button Add To add products, you can add original and customized items for the game (plugin required).

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Product configuration in Mini World Block Art

After adding products, you can set the currency, add tags, sale price and open ad mode. After completing the selection, click Confirm and your product will be added to the game.

If you want to edit further, you can click on the item to go to the edit window.

Configure the product as you like in Mini World

See ad to get equipment

In addition to setting up ads for in-store purchases, programmers can also set up buttons to trigger ads on the map.

See ad for equipment in Mini World game

Revenue and withdrawals


If you want to check the revenue, go to: The first page is the revenue statistics. You can check Daily Advertising revenue, Contribution Points and mini pass. Contribution Points is the revenue from minicoin products.

Table of revenue from the development of the Mini World game


At the Cashout page to check the amount you can withdraw:

Cashout page on Mini World

Remember, the daily turnover is not equal to the amount you can withdraw. Please read carefully the withdrawal policy and all relevant information, it will help you understand the revenue system when became a Developer of Mini World: Block Art.

Mini World: Block Art developer levels

Mini World Block Art Programmer Levels

Above is everything you need to know Developer in Mini World: Block Art. If you know any other information, please share with readers offline!

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