How terrible is Riven’s gameplay that the Boxbox streamer is so fond of?

Riven There has been a change in gear since the last time season 9 until now of season 10, that detail is changing the way to dress up the sectarian Black Ax + Ax of the Serpent Fort Scythe of the Soul. This change has turned Riven From a gladiator who doesn’t even have a single crit, to a gladiator Ancient blade Shockingly sharp damage the enemy to the number board very quickly.

BoxBox good 잘못 whose real name is Albert Zheng, are gamers League of Legends Professional and currently a famous streamer. He is known as a saint Riven when this general in hand BoxBox Incredible transformation with the seemingly “dame error” when “accidentally” 1 weight 3 good 1 pound 4. When it comes to BoxBox people immediately thought of Riven and when I think about it Riven otherwise. New players Riven almost all learn and learn how to play BoxBox.

BoxBox Streamer with Riven cabinet generals is famous throughout the world servers

Best Riven World – Boxbox

In the way of crit equipment, Riven was really close to 1 assassin top lane than 1 gladiator. With the last update, though Riven has been nerfed quite a few times, but it doesn’t make her weak against any of the other cards except for hard counter champions. During the mid-season period, the streamer BoxBox have regularly applied the gameplay Riven into ranking climbing games. We’ve all been familiar with the gameplay in previous seasons Riven Item in the direction of pure damage without crit. Occasionally out of the map there will be players who give themselves 1 tree Infinity because it’s quite interesting to tell with the intrinsic Ancient sword. In the direction of crit equipment, dame’s Riven quite virtual and sometimes even shock damage so fast that both the player and the opponent are overwhelmed.

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1. Equipments for Riven:

Item set Black Ax + Snake Ax + Ghost Sword followed Riven until season 9But by the end of the season there was a big change from the community of players Riven of the world. Replace set of 3 Armor penetration, Heal, and Movement Speed ​​increased then players have switched to playing with critical equipment like Scythe of the Soul, Ma Vu Dual Sword and Infinity. Basic basic attack damage is already quite high but her passive is Ancient Sword also compensates for damage so Riven is used a lot in climbing matches thanks to her buffalo power.

We will not talk about a whole set of equipment here Riven in the match. Because there is inherently no perfect equipment set, depending on the game and the main damage of your team, players will have to build appropriate equipment. So EmergenceInGame will analyze Soul Gathering Net How does Riven fit into this section?

Hierarchical Soul Scythe item equipment tiering

Hierarchical Soul Scythe item equipment tiering

Spirit Harvest:

  • +65 Physical Damage
  • + 20% Critical Rate
  • UNIQUE Passive: + 10% cooldown reduction.
  • UNIQUE Passive: Maximum + 20% cooldown reduction equal to Crit Rate from other sources.
  • UNIQUE Passive: Critical attacks restore 3% of total Mana.
  • Price: 3600 (400)

In the above hierarchy diagram, the equipment’s 3 components Scythe of the Soul are really suitable for her because War hammer has always been a good fit for Riven when she was staying The first phase of the game. Up from 2 Long sword and has additional cooldowns, The Caufield War Hammer will be her starting item after the first recall 2 times. Then we will be up for ourselves Sword BF or Purple cloak depending on the amount of gold when you return. Common point of Scythe of the Soul and Black Ax are all provided 20% critical. So the up Scythe of the Soul It will also be similar to her sectarian equipment. The advantage of this item is that it provides a pretty high crit, cooldown, and damage, but in return does not increase health Riven as Black Ax.

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2. Jade Board:

Guide to click gem of BoxBox

In addition to equipment, we also need to pay attention to the jade table. BoxBox often choose The main branch is Exactly and The sub-branch is InspirationIn addition, if you have to deal with fake generals, you can also choose the sub-branch is Kien Dinh or The main branch is Overpowering to play as a real top laner.

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