How long is Nintendo Switch battery life & how to improve it further

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The everlasting problem of handheld game consoles is game time, so Nintendo Switch battery life is always a concern for gamers: How long can I play the game continuously? Can you play while charging? Is there any way to improve after playing or how often to change the battery? In the framework of today’s tutorial, nShop will answer all of the above problems!

Nintendo Switch battery life

How long is the Nintendo Switch battery life?

Nintendo Switch battery life depends on the model. Inside:

  • 2017 Nintendo Switch (The machine has Model number: HAC-001) will have battery life of 2.5 hours – 6.5 hours
  • 2019 Nintendo Switch (The machine has Model number: HAC-001 (-01)) will get 4.5 hours – 9 hours of battery life
  • Nintendo Switch Lite (Released in 2019) will get 3 hours – 7 hours of battery life

The time used above is for reference only, in fact the maximum length of the 2019 model year – 9 hours is only correct if you leave the screen brightness low, the volume is low, and turn off the Wifi. So you can not turn on all the machine configuration, brightness, sound, wifi to run Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and require 9 hours as stated above. Below is a table comparing the battery life of the buffalo battery machine when everything is turned on:

Nintendo Switch game time comparison

The result is only 3 hours and 53 minutes (Less than the minimum offered by Nintendo for more than 30 minutes) due to this Zelda game is inherently heavy in graphics. However, for handheld gaming machines that require heavy-duty graphics, this time is also commendable. With some light games like Let’s Go Pikachu with a low screen brightness setting, the battery version even surpasses “standard” from Nintendo is running 10 hours 31 minutes.

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Buying since 2017 is there any way to improve the battery life of the Nintendo Switch?

If your Nintendo Switch is a version “Pin dead” With the use of more than 2 years and you feel it the battery bottle (Nintendo Switch battery life is only about 1 hour and a half – 2 hours) Then please replace the battery and try it quickly 3 steps to improve the Switch battery See how before deciding whether to replace the battery.

replace the Nintendo switch battery

Actually, the status of the Nintendo Switch’s battery is very small, negligible. The battery according to the device is of good quality and there has never been a case of battery compatibility like the old devices before (DS Lite, DSi or PSP) very rare. Therefore, normally, if the Nintendo Switch battery life is reduced by about 10-20%, it is not necessarily necessary instead of the most quality component battery, even if it is a new battery.

Does charging while playing affect the device much?

According to Nintendo, charging and playing will not affect the device and battery life. But you should note that it is in the condition you use the charger “standard” (supplied charger). If you use a USB-c cable connected to the phone charger (adapter) or the backup battery, some types of designs that do not have enough current will lead to slow charging of the battery, even a battery slip – in the long run it will affect the Nintendo Switch battery life in the future.

game shop selling mobile battery Gulikit for Nintendo Switch

Some companies specialize in accessories, chargers, and backup batteries such as Backup battery Gulikit or Anker backup battery (Certified for Nintendo Switch) It will be better for the machine instead of using the normal phone power bank plug in!

Nintendo Switch accessories

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