How good is PUBG’s Southeast Asia map?

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Map 4×4 with codename Savage of PUBG officially ended 2 specialized tests, giving the community the first look at this map set in Southeast Asia. Immediately, the developer received very positive feedback from the community when they thought this was what PUBG needed for a long time.


But what is it about Savage that makes gamers so “fascinated”, what makes this new Map such a hot topic of the PUBG community? You can check it out with the latest Gameplay footage recorded by Youtuber Jackfrags right here:

Savage appeals to gamers because its structure favors close and mid-range gunfights, eliminating one of the most frustrating things for gamers… that is being sniped from afar. Indeed, whether you are new to the game or have become a pro in PUBG, you can’t deny how frustrating it is to be shot by someone from a great distance. By narrowing the map and adding more areas with bumpy terrain, many hiding places.. Savage facilitates frequent fights but is also more fair for each player.


Not only that, Savage also has a higher rifle spawn rate, allowing most gamers to have a decent weapon before fighting. This will once again let the player get rid of the frustration and frustration of not being able to find a weapon or confronting an enemy with no “things” in hand.


Hope Bluehole will soon complete Savage and offer this new Map field in PUBG as soon as possible. All information about PUBG and PUBG Mobile will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible. Readers can also join the Community Group here:​

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