How do I detect Impostor doing a fake task in Among Us?

In spite of Impostor in Among Us may be good at pretending to complete a mission, but Eagle-eyed Crews can use the tips below to “expose” their deception.

Impostor on mock quest 1

Among Us’s Impostors are given a list of mock quests that act as if they are completing them to join the real Crewmate team. But the reality is that imposters will not be able to participate in those missions, especially visual tasks such as scanning images, bombarding asteroids or clearing trash cans. Therefore, if visual tasks are enabled in the game settings, you can easily find out if a person is Impostor by asking them to do the visualization. However, even when visual tasks are turned off, there is a way for the Crew members to spot the Imposter pretending to be on a mission.

When playing the role of an Impostor, players tend to pretend to be on a mission in full view of other Crewmates, who are then able to prove their innocence after seeing them work like everyone else. people. However, different tasks take different time to complete, and all completed tasks have a visual indication of the progress bar at the top of the screen. The eagle-eyed crew members are able to grasp some of the best tricks for the Imposter in the game and realize when the Imposter isn’t actually on the mission. Here’s how to detect Impostor pretending to be a Crewmate in Among Us.

How to detect a fake pretending to do a task in Among Us

Impostor on mock mission 2

The easiest way to know if someone is faking a quest in Among Us or not pay attention to the quests Usually, common, normal and Intuitive. If the lobby server records visual quests, the player should look for the images at the end of the visual quest to make sure it is complete. The player should also memorize quests like this Swipe (Swipe Card), always shared by all other crew members. If any of the crew members have it Swipe, rest assured that all other Seafarers have it. Otherwise, if the crew member does not Swipe in their list, this shows that no one else has that tag. If a player performs Swipe and Crewmate Viewing no such tasks in their list then Crewmate arguably this is Impostor. The common missions in the game are:

  • Enter the ID code (Enter ID Code)
  • Fix Wiring (Fix Wiring)
  • Insert Keys
  • Scan boarding pass (Scan Boarding Pass)
  • Swipe Card
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This could be an instant gift for careless impostors.

Next, players need to note how long each mission takes to complete. In Among Us, quests are classified into two categories: short or long. Short tasks can be completed in a single step and in no time. Conversely, missions that are long or require multiple steps take a while and require the player to move around over a period of time. If a Crew finds a player performing a task such as a Test Tube and they quickly leave the area, this could be a fake mission and that person is an Imposter.

Impostor on mock quest 3

Finally, players can always know when missions are being completed by looking at the progress bar at the top of the screen. The progress bar moves whenever a task is completed. For a multi-step task, the bar moves when the task’s last step has been completed. Counterfeit actions do not cause the progress bar to scroll. Several Impostors waited at the mission location until they noticed the progress bar moving from another Crew member completing the mission elsewhere on the ship or base. This can be helpful, but it can also cause an Imposter to leave a long quest too soon and let it go on its own.

Crewmate should also remember that the progress bar won’t rise until the last step of a long task is completed. Chances are that if a Crew member leaves a mission, and the progress bar doesn’t increase that it’s just one of these multi-step tasks and isn’t immediately suspicious.

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