How to play Among Us mode in Free Fire

Most recently, survival shooter Garena Free Fire added mode Among Us into your game mode. This is something that has been predicted before and it has received great anticipation from the gaming community. To know how to play Among Us mode in Free Fire, please refer to the content of the article below of EmergenceInGame

Download Free Fire for Android

Download Free Fire for iOS

Note: To play Among Us mode, you need to update Free Fire to the latest version

Step 1: You open Free Fire, log in to your account. At the main interface, click on the . icon cloud at the top of the screen

Cloud icon

Step 2: In the Download Center, scroll down to find Impostor then click on the download icon


Step 3: After the download is finished, go back to the main screen and press Normal Battle

Normal battle

Step 4: Next, press Room in the bottom right corner of the screen

Press Room

Step 5: Select item Impostor above and select an available room to join or you can create a new room by pressing Create room.

Choose a room

Step 6: In this Among Us mode, you will get 1 of 2 roles

Game screen

  • Assistant: The mission is to identify the Impostors and kick them out
  • Impostor: The mission is to destroy all the assistants

If unfortunately killed or voted out, the player will become a ghost, go around and watch the match, unable to communicate with any other players.

Have fun playing the game!

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