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Dota 2 drastically changes the gameplay in the new Update


Updates Outlander Officially launched today. In addition to the arrival of two new heroes, the update also brings major changes in many aspects of the game, from item delivery, teleportation, late game advantage, and item development. Basically, the game still works as before, players need to destroy monsters, accumulate gold and experience to have the power to destroy opponents, thereby destroying the enemy team’s main house.

Here is a summary of this update:

  • Each player has their own “chicken” to buy items instead of sharing “chicken” as before.

  • The “Chicken” has the warding ability that provides vision on the map when the player reaches level 15.

  • The naked eye (Observer ward) is free to buy in the store.

  • Players will have three tp scroll books at the start of the game.

  • When the hero reaches level 30, the talent tree will be fully unlocked.

  • The shops next door are replaced by outposts, which provide experience points, gold, the outpost operator can also teleport here.

  • Neutrals can now randomly grant one of 62 items, including Phoenix Ash, a new item that grants players immunity to critical damage and full health.

  • Many items and heroes have been reworked.

  • Stout shield has been removed from the game.


In addition to the basics of using hero skills to take down other players, Dota 2 mainly based on controlling the map and owning the right item. The amount of experience and gold the player owns, as well as the use of hero skills at the right time is a condition that helps you win. In addition, players also need to control the position of the enemy team on the map. The new update enhances the current approach to the above by providing neutral monster items, easier map movement, and vision control.

Each Dota 2 team consists of five people, with at least a few people on the team playing a supporting role. One of the main tasks of the supporter is to plant wards that provide vision on certain areas of the map so that the rest of the team can safely travel to the camps, where to gain experience and even Choose the right place to ambush the enemy team. However, the above task will change completely thanks to the new feature of “chicken” and the price of no cost to the naked eye.

Players who regularly play carry heroes will now have to “match their dignity” with a random supply system from neutral monsters. The longer the match duration, the more chance the player will have to get the right item.


Officially launched in 2013 and since then, Dota 2 has undergone many large and small updates, some of which have reshaped meta of the game, forcing players to adapt to new strategies and tactics. However, no update has been as influential as Outlander yet.

The two new heroes in the update are short handed carry Void Spirit and long sleeve support Snapfire. While both seem interesting, and the appearance of two new heroes in the same update is quite unusual, it still can’t be annoyed by the news that “chicken” can wards for free.

Dota 2 has always succeeded in making hundreds of hours of experience in the game like “salt in the water”, and the latest update will help players “learn” from scratch.​

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