Hello November, good sayings and pictures about November

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In the last month of autumn, the cool breezes, the scent of milk flowers crept into every corner, making people’s hearts feel restless. Let’s greet November, the month of waiting, the month of longing and love, with the greetings of November, beautiful images of sweet and romantic November below.

Surely, you are like me, wishing for the summer time to pass quickly to enjoy the cool autumn atmosphere and look forward to the feeling of wearing a big coat when winter comes. When autumn and winter hit the alley, you feel dumbfounded when time goes by so fast, another winter comes and you want time to slow down to enjoy the cold forever. November comes, we together hello November with beautiful sayings and pictures about November Please.

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A collection of good, emotional, love-filled November greetings

Hello November with good words and pictures about November

I. Good saying hello November

1. November brings cold air, let someone’s hands warm each other. We welcome each other, seek each other, love each other in the afternoons on the way back against the wind. November, I’m ready for the cold winter days! Let me reach out to you.

2. November – the month of sweet love, the month of transformation when winter comes. In November, who is still struggling to find themselves a warm hand, to find themselves a hug that is light enough to see themselves from being alone when the cold returns.
=> Hello November with STT Hello cold November

3. Those November were really bad days, even I couldn’t get up. Those were days of being lost, lonely, befriending sadness. I feel like I’m just a loser. Then there are days when you cry silently in class, quietly bend down to wipe your tears quickly, those are the days of making friends with pressure, life is disorienting and tasteless. c=I just want to run somewhere away from my current life.
And the times when I blamed myself to the point that I felt how good it would be if I wasn’t myself…I’ve had bad days like that.

4. November evokes a lot of nostalgia with a river imprinted with many passing boats.

5. October is over…
Make way for the deep nostalgia of November
November – the month of the chilly early winter winds and the month of Thanksgiving…
November brings many new things.
Just a light breeze can feel a fresh taste around us
Goodbye October – the month of budding love, hello November – the month of filled with nostalgia.

6. November is the month of hope…after all, after many years of suffering…I have a tolerant embrace…strong and warm. Give me life…a love…you will be happy to bring joy to so many people…thank you.

7. Hello November girl
Is it because I was born in the cold winter, so in my eyes there is always a sadness, as sad as the scenery of winter itself.
But has anyone seen me cry? I still push myself up, sometimes my smile is forced to be relaxed and free, even though there are many storms in me…
Hello – November girl! Keep loving, keep smiling! Always appreciate what you have! Love and love you – my lovely November girl!
Wishing you the most meaningful wishes in this lovely November.

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Hello November greetings, beautiful November greetings images

8. Hello November, the month of the east wind whispering… the month of sweet love. Cool.!!!

9. So November has come. Every year, by the end of October, people often text me to see me. Meet quickly, quickly, until November is too crowded, there is not enough time to meet all the relationships you want to meet again. Or else, there are children who leave for a whole month to celebrate their birthday, so they have to be more aggressive in making an appointment a little earlier.

10. Hello November
The month of golden late autumn moments is slowly drifting along with the rush of people.
The month of nostalgia and nostalgia remains on the eyes of the ancients.
The month of the cold winds of early winter appear in the early mornings filled with fog.

11. Hello NOVEMBER ….month of love… more joy invites….hello first week of NOVEMBER…A little chilly to start a new week… .a smile will probably start the love….the agonies of OCTOBER….Let the choking emotions of NOVEMBER erase everything….TEMPORARY SPECIAL Tears…and let’s WELCOME the smile of the whole family PURLOUS I LOVE….love al everyone…..

12. So November is over. There is not much time left until Tet, perhaps it will not be possible to meet as many people as last month.

13 Petals fade quickly, you fly away, you go forever… If only I had believed in you once, the girl I love is now windy with the wind…
=> This is the most emotional post about the month of November

14. Hello November, the month of the seasons of love and miss… The month of passionate desires or moments of overwhelming peace. Goodbye October, I come to November full of hope and love.

15. November brings cold air, so that people and people can warm each other. We welcome each other, look for each other, love each other in the windy afternoons.
=> November brings with it a lucky wind that makes people want to be closer to each other and this November saying has expressed that.

Hello 11 love

Hello dear November, a collection of the best November greetings

16. Please send it to me in November
A little nostalgia
A little pity
A little love fills the depths
Hello – November boy

November is here, in addition to greeting November with beautiful sayings, meaningful November messages, sending the first wishes of the month to everyone will help you share love and motivation to everyone, help everyone have a new month. lots of fun and happiness.

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II. The best November greetings for girls and boys

* Hello November girl

1. Really fast, so it’s almost the end of the year. Looking back on the past ten months, it was only as short as a sigh.
Yes, yes, learn a lot. So many lessons, all drawn from pain. Strange to say, why do people have to wait until they are in pain to learn to draw?
Hello dear November girl, I wish you to keep your original good attitude, slowly try. Hurry or relax, a journey is over.

2. November birthdays for girls
It’s more mature. Wish you always achieve your plans for the coming new year. Have a lot of health, younger and more beautiful, always happy and successful.

3. Whatever
People can praise me, criticize me, love me, hate me, say good things about mine, talk bad, be sincere. That’s simply life.
Just accept and change yourself for the better. Stay strong my November girl!

4. November is as gentle as a green umbrella
After all around, you nestled quietly
I choose happiness with a couple of small things
You have to come back, beautiful, just you
Hello November, the month of the girl I love!

5. Hello November girl
You don’t have to be a girl everyone loves, but you have to be a girl that you like. I wish you a peaceful life!

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STT, saying hello to the lovely November girl

* Hello November boy

1. Hello November!!
The last month of a hard year.
The month is approaching the cold winter.
Hope everything gets better in the last days of a hard year

2. Hello November!
Goodbye October. This new month hopes that everything will be better, the epidemic will soon pass, life is peaceful, fun and happy!
I pray for my family and loved ones to always be healthy, safe and have lots of luck!

3. Hello November boy’s special day
Hope everything new and good will come.

III. Beautiful pictures of November love


Beautiful photos in November

=> See more Image of greeting November as STT


The best photo of November


Awesome November greeting Facebook cover photo for Facebook


Beautiful pictures in November


November theme wallpaper


Good November photo


Nice photo hello November


Hello November with beautiful pictures

IV. Good November poem, full of emotions

In November, the sun fills the small street
Autumn rustling and dyeing the pig winds
November is here, did you know?
The season of love flutters with anticipation
November milk flowers are as sweet as urging
Back to the place of love, long steps

Hello November
The month of waiting never goes away
The month of the cold early winter days
In November, a little bit of sunshine, the wind won’t make my heart less cold
Silence of the soul, nostalgia filled by whom?

Slightly startled, November comes, winter comes again
My hands are cold, can you hold them?
Don’t be far away, to remember to wish more deeply
November is here, let’s connect the love.

Hello November, I like to be jealous and jealous,
When she’s sad, she’s just going to be charming
The first month of winter for more black eyes
Lips still lovingly call the boat to return to the wharf!

November is about the question of who’s footsteps
Youth has passed and sometimes look back
The little heart yearns and hopes
Stop and hope for happiness to bloom
Hold on tight in November, dear
Leaning on each other’s shoulders, feet walking together
Towards where the future lies
Winter passes, spring comes with fruit and flowers

Go to sleep, shy emotions
My hand lights a candle for late night love
The moonless night misses the sad wind
Give me warmth in someone’s arms
Let the fragrance linger all day long
November comes, call for warm soft hands

November is here bro
The northeast wind distracts from the scent of milk flowers
Fortunately, September has passed and is no more
The streets are gloomy when the cold wind comes

If you are wondering if you can’t think of a saying, a greeting for November, then please refer to the above sayings and pictures about November, surely this November status will help you get a lot. feeling.

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