Hegemony Thanh Uyen Cac – Are you ready for the “expensive” tournament of Tru Tien 3D?

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Information about the PK tournament named The Lord of the City Uyen Cac by the BQT team Tru Tien The recently revealed organizational 3D immediately got gamers excited. This can be considered as one of the most “expensive” tournaments ever of the first ever masterpiece from NPH. Gamota.


According to the schedule announced by the BTC, Ba Chu Thanh Uyen Cac will take place from September 10 to October 2, 2020 with 3 main stages: Racing TOP Ranking Server loading (September 10 – September 16), 16 TOP Server loading chart to find members to participate in the tournament (September 17 – September 19), Official round (September 22 – October 2). Up to now, phase 1 has almost come to an end, and 16 top loaded faces have gradually revealed themselves.

The tournament route has been announced to all Tru Tien 3D gamers

Thus, in less than 1 week, the extremely attractive competition will officially take place. If you are lucky enough to reach the TOP 16 and have your own “quality” teammates, do not forget to understand the rules announced by the BTC to be able to complete the competition excellently and win the throne. the Lord of the City of Uyen Cac, as well as bringing back valuable gifts for the entire server as well as his guild.

… as well as the notes BTC wants to “message” to gamers.

Continuing to be a tournament of great scale and quality, Ba Chu Thanh Uyen Cac is expected to bring a series of top-notch PK matches between the big names of Tru Tien 3D. Which fairy will be brave enough to stand on the throne? Let’s wait and see!

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