Dendi reunites with Puppey to face Na`Vi

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The first day of the playoffs at the Maincast Autumn Brawl has ended and three teams have also secured tickets to the next round of the event.

Day 1 started with a NoPangolier match against ESPADA. NoPangolier is the new team of former Odium members: Ghostik and CemaTheSlayer. The first match was full of skirmishes with ESPADA fully mastered until 25 minutes – when the NoPangolier cores came into play. Just eight minutes later, Terrorblade and Weaver ended the game and gave NoPangolier the lead. Game 2 was quite persistent, but NoPangolier once again took full control and won the series 2-0.

Next was the Na`Vi match against Team Lithium. While Natus Vincere struggled to find his place, Lithium continuously created waves by defeating Liquid in the Kuala Lumpur Majors qualifiers. Na`Vi briefly took a 1-0 lead in the series but game 2 saw Lithium’s response move into game 3 – and became the first team to win a game from Na`Vi.

Due to some technical errors, Na`Vi was forced to use a stand-in in the final match when Chuvash was unable to play.

Despite using a stand-in, Na`Vi still put pressure on the opponent and won the match 2-1. With this victory, Natus Vincere will face Secret in the next round. This is a very interesting matchup because two former Na`Vi members, Dendi, will play on the same line as Puppey, to face the old Na`Vi team.

The final series of the day pits Winstrike and Nemiga with the winner taking on Ninjas in Pajamas. The series did not last long when Winstriek quickly defeated the opponent 2-0 in less than an hour of play. Today we will witness 2 matches, Gambit Esports vs. NoPangolier vs NiP vs. Winstrike.

And the most exciting match of the tournament, Na`Vi vs. Team Secret, will take place on Friday, October 12. We will see Dendi play with Puppey again, albeit briefly.

According to Vpesports

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