Hearthstone: Decks that benefit the most after the latest Rogue nerf update

Hearthstone: Decks that benefit the most after the latest Rogue nerf update
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On May 22, Blizzard released an update that adjusted the most used Rogue cards.

Rogue benefits greatly from the Rise of Shadows expansion and is one of the most used classes recently. The Hearthstone team said this update is necessary because there are very few decks that can compete with Rogue except for Warrior.

That led to Warrior and Rogue becoming the two most popular decks in the Rise of Shadows ladder. Balancing Rogue will help more diverse classes in the game. Currently in the game there are many interesting decks, but still have difficulties against Rogue. Here are a few decks you can try out after the last update.

Cyclone/Conjurer Mage

While the community has yet to choose a name for this new archetype, whatever you call it, it’s still a strong deck. Mage decks use the new Khadgar Legendary along with Twinspell, Conjurer’s Calling.

Deck also uses Mountain Giants and helps you get a lot of cards in your hand early in the game to launch the Mountain Giants as soon as possible. Many people compare this deck with Cube Lock when it first appeared. Since Rogue can’t beat Conjurer Mage in terms of tempo, this deck will increase your win rate even more.

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Token Druid

After being nerfed continuously in Rastakhan’s Rumble, it seemed that the future of Druid was over. But fortunately, Rise of Shadows brings a breath of fresh air to this class. And new wind comes from Token Druid.

Token Druid is one of the strongest decks in Rise of Shadows, but its win rate is the lowest when it comes to Rogue. At the time of writing, Token Druid has a 55% win rate against Rogue in HS Replay, so you can expect this number to increase after the update.

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Mech Hunter

Mech Hunter is one of the most interesting decks that is growing in popularity in Rise of Shadows. Mech Hunter is a minion based deck that people can rely on for value. This archetype is a great choice for those who want to use a minion team but are afraid of aggro. When you play Mech Hunter, you will find that the decisions you make in the early game with the mech will pay off in the late game.

However, what makes Mech Hunter fans unhappy is when they meet Rogue. Even currently in HS Replay, Mech Hunter has a 49% win rate against Tempo Rogue, but things could change soon. Now, Temp Rogue has slowed down for Mech Hunter to keep up with the pace of the game. Mech Hunter currently plays quite well against the rest of the classes in the game, except for Shaman.

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