Hearthstone: Added 4 new Classic cards, Welcome Bundle, Hero Paladin and raised Rank count to 50

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Welcome to Hearthstone’s first update. Here’s what’s coming in the months to come with Hearthstone – game updates, events, esports and more!

There’s a lot to talk about, so keep reading.

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The Blizzard team has seen the in-game meta begin to stabilize since The Boomsday Project launched. Decks like Odd Warrior, Odd Paladin, Token Druid, Tempo Mage, Taunt Druid, Zoo Warlock, Quest Rogue, Secret Hunter, Even Paladin, Deathrattle Hunter, and Even Warlock are currently leading.

While these decks stand out a bit more, we still have effective decks in each class. For example, Evolve Shaman and Combo Priest have been quite successful.

Overall, Blizzard is satisfied with the variety of decks at all levels of Ranked Play.

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The leaves are being considered for repair

Giggling Inventor is now very popular and appears in many decks. Blizzard intends to turn the original Giggling Inventor into a strong card because strong neutral Taunt minions can make the game more engaging. We’ve seen cards like Sludge Belcher and Tar Creeper in the past. Those cards need to do their job well so they have to be strong, but how strong they are needs to be reviewed.- Emergenceingame

Blizzard isn’t planning on changing Giggling Inventor right now, but the team will keep an eye on it for the time being. Blizzard wants to know what people think.

- EmergenceingameBalance in the Wild

There’s a lot of debate at Blizzard about how Wild should be played. Currently, Wild is somewhat similar to Standard but with more power and a huge library of cards. Will Wild live up to expectations, where powerful combos as well as ‘crazy’ happen, even in the early game? Overall, it’s hard to have a single dominant strategy in Wild because everything is so powerful and everyone can use so many tools, but do we want those strategies to exist? Blizzard understands there are some players who want a separate mode for that gameplay.

In addition, the team is also considering that the reason for adding more modes in Hearthstone is to let people play Hearthstone in different ways, so it would be inappropriate to try to stuff many things into the Wild. But the team also admits that there may be decks like Naga Sea Witch that become too strong and are not happy to face them.

Blizzard wants to hear from you about Wild. How do you think about them now, and what role do you see Wild playing in Hearthstone’s future?

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New Classic Cards

If you’ve been playing Hearthstone for a while, you probably know that in each new Hearthstone year, Blizzard selects certain cards to ‘rotate’ it out of the Standard. Some of them belong to Classic.

Some of the cards that have left Standard are Class cards, but Blizard wants each Class to have the same number of cards in the Classic set. To do that, the team is adding four brand new cards.

Here are the Classic cards that are about to be added to the Classic set. You can create them or open them in Classic packs next month:

IciclePilferCall of the VoidTome of Intellect

When designing these cards, Blizzard thought about new player experiences in Hearthstone. They should be clear while still making for interesting moments. They also give the player a chance to see and use cards he doesn’t have. At the same time, they are not too powerful to not limit future designs or cause problems (since they will stay in Standard for longer than 2 years.)

From here, Blizzard anticipates more cards entering the Hall of Fame. There are still some gaps in the Classic as neutral Legendary cards enter the Hall of Fame, so the team is considering adding new Classic cards in the future.

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Improved new player experience

Even at Rank 25, getting into the Tavern can be tough, especially if you’ve never played Hearthstone before. Blizzard wanted to make it easier for new players to breathe, so the team added a few tweaks to improve the new player experience. Here’s what new Hearthstone players can find:

New Player Ranks!

New players will start at rank 50. From Rank 50 to 26 will only be available to new players, and like Rank 25 to 20, you cannot lose Stars during Rank up. Once the player reaches Rank 25, you will no longer lose rank. The team hopes this will give new Hearthstone players some time to get used to the game, so you’ll get a few freebies along the way to speed yourself up. If you’re an experienced player thinking of creating an account, there’s an option to skip the New Player Experience (and skip the freebies too, so think carefully!) so you can join the competition. compete faster. We’ll have more details on this in the future, but that’s it for now!

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Update the status of tournaments in the game

Earlier this year, we talked about adding new features to Hearthstone to make it easier to organize Fireside Gatherings tournaments and private events. Blizzard has been working on this feature for a while now, and it was originally slated to be released this year. Unfortunately, tournaments in the game will be suspended for now, Blizzard will explain why.

The team has a lot of plans to improve many of Hearthstone’s features, including social experiences and In-Game Tournaments. The tournament can cater to a wide range of players, but the changes Blizzard is planning to include is aimed at a certain number of players. Instead of creating exciting new ways to play Hearthstone, it feels “too rushed”, and doesn’t integrate well into the overall Hearthstone experience.

In the end, the team was forced to draw the conclusion that they needed to think about how and when Blizzard wanted to improve the social experience in Hearthstone before the developers could add consistent and clear updates to the Tournament. in the game for all players to enjoy. As a developer, Blizzard sometimes finds it difficult to make the difficult decision to stop a design that doesn’t work. The team felt the end result was no longer up to everyone’s expectations or the high standards we had for Hearthstone.

As a result, while Blizzard wanted to return to In-Game Tournaments at a later date, this feature has now been discontinued.

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Fireside Gatherings

If you’ve never attended the Fireside Gathering or organized one yourself, you’re missing out on one of the most fun ways to enjoy Hearthstone with your friends!

Organizers will have many options to add ‘salt sauce’ to their events. We can experience Fireside brawls (Tavern brawls are only playable in Fireside Gatherings), and now we’ll have the entire Brawl to choose from. In addition to the monthly Fireside Brawl rotation, the organizer will be selected add one The Fireside Brawl is in the list of brawls that players can access at the Fireside Gathering.

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2018 HCT Fall Championship is about to start mid-October! Watch the tournament live on stream or visit the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles.

This is going to be an awesome event, and if you can come see it live, it’s even better! You’ll meet Hearthstone developers, enjoy on-site ‘pick-up tournaments’, purchase cool Hearthstone and Blizzard Arena items, and receive a Thrill of Victory card back when you attend the Blizzard Arena!

You can buy tickets here. Be quick as seats are limited!

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Welcome Bundle is back

Indeed, the Welcome Bundle has never gone away, it is being improved. The Welcome Bundle still has 10 Classic packs at an insanely cheap price (great opportunity to try new Classic cards!), but instead of receiving a random Legendary Class, it will include one of six Legendary Dragon cards from Classic set: Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Malygos, Nozdormu, Onyxia, or Ysera!


Yet another great news! What could be better than Legendary dragon leaves? If you purchased the Welcome Bundle before, you will be able to redeem this new Welcome Bundle!

Which one will YOU get?


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Hallow’s End


The Headless Horseman returns for the Hallow’s End event on October 17! Like last year, the Tavern will be decorated in a horror direction, with dual Class Arena returning, and you will face the Headless Horseman in the Tavern Brawl. This season, Blizzard also added a few ‘sweets’, and the team will tell you all about them soon when Headless Hosrseman returns.

Dual-class arena returns!

Hallow’s End also features a new friendly Paladin hero that you can purchase during the event!

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And that’s all the updates!

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